Thursday, January 14, 2010

Captured Moments of Beauty

I was looking through my photos tonight and decided to post some of my favorites of warm/sunny days, mostly from 2009. We've been lacking sunny days lately, so I thought I'd bring some of them back for us to enjoy.

The sun setting on my way home from work one evening last year. It was an absolutely amazing sunset to see, I had to try to capture a piece of it.

This is a beautiful, sunny day at the River Walk in San Antonio. There were so many gorgeous flowers there.

Of course, I have to include one from our warm and sunny honeymoon. This was taken in the Bahamas and this sign expressed our thoughts exactly.

This photo was taken at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens on one of my trips to visit Nick. This was another beautiful place we visited last year.

A pretty and peaceful sunset taken from the interstate (No, I wasn't the one driving :))

Wonderfully beautiful flowers Nick sent me for my adoption day in 2008. Who would've known that would be the very day we'd be married to each other exactly one year later.

There's nothing better than reading a great book under the sun on a beautiful summer day. This was taken when my mom and I went fishing last summer. Well, she fished (and caught a few fish!) while I read and soaked up the sun.

Looking back at all of the places we traveled and memories we had in 2009, it was really a year filled with joy. There were difficult times for sure, but the good always outweigh the bad if you set your mind with the right perspective. We're thankful to have traveled to the places we have and were able to see and capture all of these beautiful moments. That's one of my favorite things about photography- capturing an amazing moment, hoping to share that experience with others. There is beauty everywhere around us, we have to keep our eyes open to see and enjoy it.

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