Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas 09

We hope you all had a great Christmas this year. Ours was great and a bit adventurous. Weather conditions were not on our side, but thankfully we made it to most of our Christmas celebrations with family. This Christmas was especially meaningful as our first as a married couple. Here are some photos:

Here we are at the Smock Christmas in Decorah.

The youngest of the Webb girls, Isabella. Taken at the Gonzalez Christmas. She's adorable.

Enjoying Christmas with my mom and dad. We cozied up by the fireplace and played Would You Rather, Golf (card game) and Cribbage, and also ate great food!

I took the two above photos on our drive from Des Moines to Omaha a few days after Christmas. What a beautiful winter day we were surprised with! It was really the calm/beauty after the winter storm we had over Christmas. We saw many vehicles in the ditches along that stretch, a few that had crashed upside down. We were very thankful we made it to our destinations safely through that same storm.

Another "Winter in Iowa" shot (taken from I-80).
Ice is weighing down the branches of some of the trees in this one.
I really felt like I was in Narnia or a winter wonderland with the trees covered in ice.

Cubby anxiously awaiting the opening of his gift. He was hilarious following that present around once he had a clue of what was inside. We had a great Christmas in the Smock home, with another great meal, Monopoly, more games, football and catching up with a few friends.

We are thankful to have had a safe and enjoyable Christmas, we hope you had the same.
Happy New Year!

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