Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Warmer Weather Ahead

The weather lately has been amazing! We've had consistent temps in the mid 50's for the past week or so. These spring-like temps have really uplifted people's moods. Daylight savings really helped at night too. It has been refreshing to get home and eat dinner and the sun is still out after dinner. Productivity will be much better now :)

This past weekend, Nick's family was here and it was great to have them visit. We checked out the new Twins stadium, the MOA and had some birthday cake with Nick's homemade ice cream to celebrate his mom's birthday. It was a great weekend out of our normal routine. Visitors are always welcome!

I'm excited for Rachel and Jared welcoming their baby Judah last week. He is such a sweet baby and I can't wait to meet him. It's so neat watching friends lives change and seeing them grow their family. It's never easy though being away as these exciting life changes take place.

Life in MN is going well for us. We still have much left to explore. We did go to a Minnesota Wild NHL game together which was a lot of fun. Here are a few photos from Feb. when we toured the sculpture garden in downtown Minneapolis:

The famous Spoonbridge and Cherry.
In the summer, water sprays out the top and there is a lake around it.It is very photogenic, I had fun taking pictures of it from different angles

A really neat aisle with ivy all over. There were engagement photos being taken there and
many visitors. It's free entertainment :)

A bench I liked
That's all for now! We'll keep you posted ;)

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