Sunday, March 13, 2022

Hello from a Busy House!

 I'm rarely on this little page these days, but had to hop on to pay a visit to a place I used to love sharing about our lives, until Instagram came along, really! Haha. Instagram became the place that's easier to share, but had to share a few recent photos while I was here. 

We're busy with two kids learning and growing daily, in a newer season with me staying home while Nick works from home. It's a well used house these days! 

As spring approaches, we have enthusiasm to start our flower garden and very first vegetable garden and dream of what the year might have in store. 

I've been participating in my local MOPS (mother's of preschoolers) group and have enjoyed meeting so many other great moms. 

Halloween Oct 2021 (Bear wearing Ainsley's old pumpkin costume, swoon!)

Enjoying a warmer winter day

Christmas 2021, and both kids' first time meeting Santa. Berringer cried hysterically one second after I snapped this pic ;) Ainsley was so sweet and felt so proud telling Santa what she wanted for Christmas. 

Florida for a girls trip!

The best time with these girls. 

Snow! In Texas! So fun. 

Berringer's first snow. He's yelling "HI!" to his sister inside the house:)

Happy Spring, y'all! 

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