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Our Sweet Island Vacation {Part 4}

Today's the final post in our vacation series! If you missed previous posts, you can see them here:

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Here we're at the end of a half-mile long pier on the north end of the island. 


Yet another quiet beach on the island. I wish we had another day to just stay on the beach and explore more. The beaches were so great. 

 This is in the Fort Clinch State Park - more with these awesome trees! This drive is the dreamiest under this pretty green canopy.

Here's a video I took driving through the park under the canopy - right when I started the video, we spotted a baby deer! Such a neat moment.

 Fort Clinch was used built in 1847 and has so much history. I won't go into detail, but you can click here to read more about it. 

It was neat exploring the grounds picturing what life was like for the soldiers who actually lived here so long ago. 

After lots of walking and exploring on the warm day, we were ready for another tasty lunch spot. 

 We enjoyed another gorgeous patio and wonderful food. Nick had a fish sandwich he said was possibly his best meal of the trip and I had a pulled pork chef salad. It was our first fried green tomatoes experience too! 

This big tree has a fun story, I had read about it before the trip and was excited to have found it! Kate Bailey was told by the local government they were taking down this tree for emergency vehicles to get through. She objected and even stood on her porch with a shot gun when they tried to come take it down. They ended up paving the cross street and leaving this tree alone. What a beautiful tree that still stands today! 

The gorgeous ocean view from relaxing on our balcony. Listening to the ocean is naturally so relaxing. 

Egans Creek - we went on a nature walk to get here - I hoped we'd spot some gators, but no such luck! It was a very peaceful little area to observe birds and take in the fresh air. 

We saw lots of bunnies on the trail! Very sweet. 

Such a pretty walk to the creek. 

After the walk, we checked out a great pizza place I read about. It's a great local spot which was fun to see. Everyone seemed to know each other and our food was great. I had heard about the gluten free pizza which I really enjoyed and recommend - Nick sampled pieces (HUGE pieces that is!) of 4 different kinds of pizzas for fun. 

We ended the day with a sunset beach walk. Oh so lovely. 

Sunset + ocean + palm trees. 

 Our last oceanside selfie. Not ready to leave yet. 

We got up early the next morning, since I had to see a sunrise over our little island paradise. 

 I'm so glad we did - it was beautiful to slowly watch the sun peek over the horizon. 

What a peaceful final morning of our trip. 

One last picture with the ocean and me. 

What a pretty patio view! We miss this. 

Here's out hotel as we drove away - you can see our second floor balcony and the ocean. 

We stopped in downtown again to grab coffee at our favorite little spot before driving back to Orlando.

Amelia Island coffee - so delicious! 

On the bridge leaving the island - here you can see the pretty marshland over Amelia River that flows between the island and mainland Florida. 

 Passing Daytona Beach on our way back to the airport. What a great trip! Vacations seem to go by so fast, but this trip was a great break away to enjoy relaxation and the best food. Locals like to keep this little island a secret, and I see why - it's perfect not having crowds on the beach and enjoying a slower pace. We went "off season" which helped I think too. Thank you, Lord, for this great getaway!

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Today's Pinspiration:
I can relate to this quote. Taking a step away from normal daily life responsibilities is so refreshing for the soul. Being able to wake up and do whatever you want with your time is the best freeing feeling. I'm so thankful and blessed we took time for this getaway for ourselves and our marriage. 

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