Thursday, June 9, 2016

Our Sweet Island Vacation {Part 2}

I'm excited to share more of our vacation! We covered our first day in the first post, so we're catching up to waking up our first morning on the island!

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We wanted to explore the island and check out the beaches with this day. No real agenda = the best! We did a lot of driving around to see what all was there. It was so fun! Stopping wherever our hearts desired. From the north end to the south end of the island, we wanted to see it all. 
We got turned around at one point in this beautiful neighborhood. These houses! There is so much charm in this area that would remind you of Savannah/Charleston. I loved the historical buildings and all of the charm, all while being on an island with gorgeous relaxing beaches. THAT is why I was so interested in coming to this island the more I researched it. So dreamy! 

Picture perfect neighborhood. We were in awe of this area! 

The two state parks on the island keep the natural integrity of the area and are so beautiful to drive through and enjoy. 

We stopped at all of the beaches on the island except for one (we just didn't get time to go back to that one). This beach was so peaceful! And the homes you can see behind us were jaw dropping - right on the Atlantic Ocean. I could sit out there for days just taking it in. It's the kind of place that feels like it's YOUR beach because so few people are around. (Our hotel was by a busier beach on the island, which still isn't busy by most standards!). 

I searched for the best shells on each beach we visited. When that's your main goal each day, you know you're livin' the life. :) 

View to the right. 

 View to the left. Amazing! The island has 12 miles of these gorgeous beaches to enjoy. 

My handsome man. Taking it in & being patient as I shell-hunt and take photos of the beauty. 

"Wish you were here!" this postcard could say. 

Many streets on the island are lined with these awesome trees. Definitely makes me think of the historic areas of Georgia. So charming! 

This view was on a different beach on the north side of the island. After touring the beaches throughout the day, I learned that every piece of beach on the island is beautiful. 

I researched where to eat before we went on vacation, and this view was highly recommended at one of the restaurants that many people said you had to partake in. The sunset over Amelia River (the land on the other side is mainland, Florida!). 

Watching the sun slowly go down was sure a great way to spend an evening on vacation. 

 I enjoyed a very tasty pina colada. 

We lucked out that the special of the night was fish tacos! We loved eating seafood on this trip. 

We got to see Florida's oldest bar in the sweetly lit downtown area as we explored after dinner. You can hardly see it, but the door was open and there was a guy singing with his guitar. We danced on the sidewalk to his song under the dreamy lights. This is what vacation nights should be like! 

What a great date night. Such a blessing. 

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