Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Iowa in February

Some of my favorite Saturday mornings in February. My sweet cousin Kaylee made this Cyclones tie blanket for us for Christmas! I love it. Another one of my cousins, Jenny, actually made crocheted the yellow blanket Ranger is laying on in the background. I have such talented cousins with big hearts - love you girls! 

Ranger enjoying one of his favorite pastimes - sunbathing from the comfort of the indoors. 

This was a fun shopping day we enjoyed with my mom and dad (though mom was in a store during this pic). My dad recently had a biopsy on the back of his ear which turned out to be skin cancer - so he'll be wearing hats to help cover his skin more! It actually is a good reminder to be very careful of our skin exposure and be smart. I wasn't good at that in my younger years - but skin cancer is a real danger. 

I was packing for our recent trip, and Ranger found a nice spot next to one of my outfits. That can't be comfortable, but he didn't seem to mind! 

We took a weekend trip to Iowa to celebrate Nick's Grandpa's 90th birthday a few weeks ago. We were in LaCrosse, Wisconsin for part of the trip and I really enjoyed how pretty it was! 

Plus, we got to see snow! 

Mountains! Who knew?! ;) I loved how pretty the views were. 

You can't say Iowa isn't pretty. I have hundreds (Nick would probably say thousands! haha. I take too many pictures!) of beauties like this around Iowa. 

That's all for now.  It's also funny seeing this snowy pic on a week we've had temps in the 80's recently! Oh yes, I did cut my own bangs after watching some youtube videos a few weeks ago - some days I like them and some days I don't - isn't that just how it goes?! :)  I'll have more fun updates coming soon y'all! Stay tuned. 

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