Sunday, January 31, 2016

Birthday Fun & Quality Time

January is always such a fun birthday month for us - my mom, dad and I all have January birthdays! It was fun to spend extra time together this month because of it. 

Back in November, I took a road trip to Tulsa with some dear ladies on my Essential Families essential oils team for a retreat. It was so good! One of the ladies is a talented photographer and we got back some photos we took while all dressed up 50's style. 

So fun! The photos turned out so cute. 

It was so fun to see these ladies and enjoy yoga, fancy meals, conversation, and learn more about wellness with them too during the retreat in November. These friends are such a blessing!  

We saw Brasi Bites on Shark Tank that are gluten free and I knew I had to try them. I was so excited to find them at our local Sprouts grocery store! They are very good, and I'm so thankful to be able to eat cheese again! 

This was my birthday dinner downtown a few weeks ago - my parents met us there and it was such a nice time! 

After dinner, we walked around downtown for a bit and enjoyed the sights. 

I love my guy! He does so much to make me feel special. I loved a fun night downtown!

Birthday gifts from Nick's family! They spoiled me:) My 1908 World Champs shirt is my new fave! Amber also gave me a selfie stick, used to take this photo;) she knows me so well! 

Our gifts from the Dillons (my birth mom's family) too! They are so thoughtful. The picture of all of us at Julie's funeral that says "family" on the frame is so dear to me. The Lord has blessed me with so many people I'm grateful to call my family. Coffee and coffee mugs too - they know us well! 

We also got a Red Lobster gift card from the Dillons and enjoyed it right away. I'm pretty sure I hadn't been to RL since maybe my sophomore year in college and I was so excited to enjoy it! I splurged to enjoy this deliciousness (yes, there's butter which I usually don't eat - but I made an exception this time:) Thankfully my stomach did fine!). I forgot how much work crab legs are, haha! But it was so so good, and the company was great. 

Enjoying my Scooters coffee on the go this week. So tasty! Thanks again, Alyssa, Michael & Scott!:) 

We enjoyed a gift card to see The Revenant last night. It was good timing with our 10 year dating anniversary on Friday:) Wow - it was way more intense than I expected after just seeing the trailer, but was a very good movie. I like to see symbolism in movies and found certain things about this movie to be quite beautiful. It isn't necessarily an easy movie to sit through though! I had to take some deep breaths and do some shoulder rolls to keep my body form tensing up:). It was a fun date experience with Nick though! The theatre we went to had reclining seats with foot rests (like a la-z-boy) - the most comfy theatre experience ever! 

I hope your Sunday is a great one! 

Today's Pinspiration:
I came across this one and really like it. We've all experienced hardships that lead us to who we are today. 
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