Saturday, September 26, 2015

Catching up {& Random Thoughts}

Happy weekend, friends! I hope yours is an enjoyable one. 

Thanks to all of you for your kind words and support since the last blog post. Y'all are the best. I looked through photos to add to this blog post and I haven't even been taking as many photos lately! Weird. By the time weekends come, I've been exhausted recently. My body and mind have just needed to veg it seems. So I've let it! Weekends lately consist of college football on Saturdays and church, maybe grocery shopping and napping on Sundays. 

We just started a 6-week marriage bible study at church this week. So far, I'm loving it! The study is called "With" in case you're curious. It has led to good conversations and thought processes. I'm excited to keep walking through it together. So far we've reminded ourselves to schedule regular date nights, and try to be intentional about our time together. Let's face it: living with someone else and doing life together every day can be hard after a while! We're different people. He doesn't do things the way I do (which obviously my way is the right way;)), think the way I do, or know exactly what I hope he'd read from my body language. Haha, you know what I mean. It takes intentional work to me, and I like doing studies like this to remind us to keep our focus. 

We also recently celebrated our 6 year anniversary! In some ways it feels WAY longer, and in some ways, that number feels pretty big! We've squeezed a lot into these years, that seems certain. Between our moves, job changes (with our moves), etc., it feels like we've just now started to steady out. I also realize I'm getting older, which is crazy. I'm pretty positive I'll be 23 forever. We shall see ;). Oh yes, here are some photos of our anniversary date night since I never shared them here. 

Nick had reservations at a fancy restaurant for us. The food was SO GOOD. It was a quality experience too, where they take time to really go through the menu (especially helping me with the gluten & dairy free thing). 

We splurged on an appetizer, nice wines, expensive meals (haha!), and desserts. Since it was our anniversary, they provided glasses of champagne for us too, to enjoy a toast. 

Our shrimp appetizer was so fresh and tasty! (I forgot to take a pic of our entrees, but we loved and devoured them). 

Desserts and champagne. My dessert was fresh orange sorbet - so tasty! Nick's was a bourbon bread pudding I think. It looked amazing.

After that, we walked around downtown and saw a group gathered, ready to help with a marriage proposal. They were taking pics forever and we could tell the soon-to-be-engaged couple wasn't there yet, so we walked around other areas and came back to see this same group taking pics with the bride and groom to be, showing off her new bling. It was so fun to see! I seriously love love stories. 

Cheers to 6 years, my dear!

In other news, I haven't gotten even a trim since my major haircut in the spring and I'm trying to figure out what cut to do next. It's angled now (like below), and I've thought about cutting off the angle just to be straight across. I'm also trying to figure out if I should get bangs back. I'll probably search Pinterest for hours and make a decision by Christmas. Kidding, I'm hoping to make a decision within a few weeks and get 'er done. 

It also has been one year since I got off my fibromyalgia medications! I have to remind myself what a big accomplishment that is. I still have progress to make, and I have bad pain days that take me down here and there. It's still a chronic not fun thing to deal with, but I have things that can help me too, which I'm thankful for. Not taking medications means I'm dealing with the symptoms! They still ebb and flow depending on things I can't even identify sometimes. Other times, it can be over-exerting myself physically, too much stress, posture issues, food sensitivities, etc.  

I talked with a friend recently about the idea that people like the idea of having a great testimony for the Lord, but they don't want to have to walk through the valley to come out on the other side. Some days I mentally feel fine and feel like I can conquer anything before me. Other days, I mentally can feel that I'm in the valley of this testimony. 

That being said, we all have so many things in our lives we may feel have us in the valley. We all have tough things in our lives we're dealing with. Let's support and encourage each other and know that the family that looks perfect on social media has their own tough things they're dealing with. My life isn't perfect, y'all. I try to encourage others and post things I think may make someone laugh, give them an idea for something to try, or share something happening in our life. Maybe it's just a pretty photo I took. It's never to make you think my life is perfect - cause I'm the first to tell you it can't be! Nothing on this side of heaven is perfect. We're all imperfect. Let's embrace it and enjoy this life. If you're on instagram, you may enjoy the hashtag #myrealreallife a friend of mine started. I'm thankful to be on this imperfect journey with all of you! 

Well that blog post was all over the place! Haha. I have missed this space to write our my words and hope I can hop over here more than I did over the summer. I hope you're well, my dears!

Today's Pinspiration:
Haha, I LOVE this! Virtual high fives to you all. 

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