Sunday, June 14, 2015

Oil Video of the Day & How to Become a Young Living Member

I have another video posted for June's Learn & Share challenge I'm participating in for my essential oils team. I've been posting daily tips over on the blog's Facebook page too! This tip is one I learned from a friend recently and I'm loving it:

(Here's the link to the youtube video in case you don't see it here.)

Let me know if you have other tips you'd like to see videos on! :)

- - - - -

PS- have you heard the premium starter kit is getting an update this month? The new kit will be even more beautiful and give new members options to choose their diffuser when they order the kit and other fun options. The new kit will be offered at $160 when it is rolled out sometimes this month. If you've been wanting to get your kit, you may want to snag it today, while it's still $150

 I love knowing Young Living takes such great care throughout the whole process of getting our oils. From picking quality seeds, planting them, caring for them and weeding by hand (to not use chemicals, thankfully!), harvesting, distilling and bottling the oils. It's referred to as the "seed to seal" process, and is one of the biggest reasons I chose Young Living over other essential oil companies I researched. This is a lavender field in Mona, Utah - isn't it beautiful?!

 Here's all you get in the current kit! $300 worth of product for $150. Jump on board and let me help you!

Follow these steps to order your kit today:
  • Click here, to be taken to the member sign up page (it will have my member already filled in, so you'll become a member of my team!)
  • Make sure to select Wholesale member, not Retail customer

  • Create your account, and enter your personal info

  • Select your start kit (Premium Starter Kit is the best option)

  • At this point, you can order more if you'd like

  • Complete your order, and welcome to the family! Woohoo! You'll love this journey. It's been such a blessing for us! I'll send you a welcome email and be in touch to help you know how to start using your oils. 

Comment or email me if you have any questions! I'd love to help.

I love our oils team and am sure you will too! We are not alone in this journey. 

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