Friday, March 7, 2014

Thankful Through the Pain

This week felt fairly busy and seemed to go pretty quick. I've been staying in touch with my cousins & family in Iowa to see how my Aunt Melissa is doing (refer to last week's post if you missed it) so it feels like my mind has been in different places at once. She went in yesterday for appointments and had high calcium levels, so they kept her overnight and are monitoring her tonight again as well. In the next two weeks, she'll have surgery on each leg to strengthen where from my understanding the cancer has deteriorated her bone. I think the plan is to start chemo after she recovers from those surgeries. If you think of it, please keep her and family in your prayers. My aunt continues to update her Caring Bridge page as well, so feel free to keep posted there. 

I had a doctor's checkup yesterday and wrote about it on Instagram, but it helped me realize that I have to be my own best advocate to getting to where I want to be. I still struggle with some of my fibro symptoms and hope to have them under better control. I struggle every morning which is so hard - the fatigue, temple pain from grinding my teeth, steady headache, etc. I look forward to the day these symptoms are not so present in my days. 

I always know there are others who have a much rougher path than me, so I try to keep things in perspective, but some days are hard. I think the chronic nature is hard for me too. It's been 3 years since I was diagnosed with fibro now, and I would have guessed I'd be closer to wellness by now. I know there is a purpose to this, and if I can help others on this journey, I will be glad to. Let's all get better together :). 

Watching Iowa State - I LOVE how Ranger looks at Nick:)
One guy with me through it all is my husby, Nick. He truly rides this roller coaster with me and helps me every day. Whether it's doing our household chores, turning on my heating pad in the mornings, calling to see if I've gotten out of bed yet, running our errands for us.. the list goes on. Most of the time, he carries all of these things for both of us to avoid over-exerting me so I can rest up nights and weekends. Most of the normal wifey things are so exhausting in addition to working full time, and I do what I can, but it usually isn't much. 

Looking through photos tonight, I came across these pretty tulips. Nick gave these to me two years ago when I had a rough week. He's such a source of encouragement to me. 

My cousin convinced me to get Bitstrips and I do have fun with it - I couldn't help this one:) The Lord truly blesses me with Nick everyday. I'm so thankful for you, sweet babe! 
Rangerboy has been a mad man jumping on the couches, jumping from couch to couch, to the floor to grab a toy, and back up - it's crazy! Just within the last two weeks, he started consistently jumping up onto the couches. We think it's too cute every time he does it. Hashtag proud puppy parents. 

This boy is due for a haircut (facial hair, that is ;)) again soon.

 My cousin Jenny crocheted this blanket and gave it to me in Iowa. It's such a labor of love and I was so excited she did that for me. We have such great families

 Today's Pinspiration:
I love these and hope they inspire you too!
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