Saturday, March 15, 2014

{New Hope}

Thank you for your thoughts and encouraging words on my post last week. You all are so kind sharing ideas with me - I love it! I'm so excited coming into this next week because I have an appointment with a Naturopath. I want so badly to decrease my prescriptions and get a hold of my symptoms better, more naturally. This specialist focuses on holistic treatment and alternative ways of healing. I'm excited to learn about her approach. She has me doing a 5-day diet diary which is interesting :) It is insightful to see patterns though, she has me writing everything I eat, how much sleep I got, quality of my sleep, how my energy/mood is, how my symptoms are, etc. 

I feel like once I conquer this thing, I'll have to be a dietician or something to help others through this process. Man, it's not easy. But I have so much hope trying something new!

Scanning through photos, I found this gem. This was right before we started dating in January 2006. Oh his earrings, I've missed those!:) This was in Maggie and I's dorm room and man are there so many memories. I miss our girly space, but love the way this boy and I fell in love. We had no idea what a wild journey was in store for us and I'm so thankful the Lord brought us together. 

Last weekend after church, we stopped by mom & dad's and let the dogs hang out. Ranger hadn't see his (dog) mom and dad in a while and he did so well! He used to jump all over his mama Indy and he was much calmer this time. I think Boo still doesn't like the male competition in the house when Ranger's there, but they all did well. 

Here's a behind the scenes look at us trying to get these dogs together for a family shot. I like how Boo and Ranger are looking at each other - ha! 

The similarities in these two photos is wild and the only thing we planned was the order of the dogs. I was surprised that Ranger is a little taller than Indy and Boo, but he isn't as filled in as them (yet!). My puppy is growing up so fast! 

 Family photo with Ranger at 7 months old

My dad and his dogs + granddog. He loves these guys!

Ranger loves jumping all over the couches now (and he even jumped up onto our tall bed for the first time today!). He loves to snuggle in - this one is sweet since it's with the yellow blanket my cousin Jenny crocheted for me. 

We had beautiful weather many days this week (YAY for shorts and flip flops!) and enjoyed some walks together. It's nice to see Ranger get more used to our new surroundings and see him bark less and be less anxious as he adjusts. 

 So much beauty on our walks this week. 

Our big 12 championship game vs. Baylor is tonight! You know what we'll be doing tonight. Our Cyclones this year are so in sync with each other and play as a team so well. Plus, Fred Hoiberg is great. Their season is helping make up for a tough football season for the Cyclones. ;)

Today's Pinspiration:
I believe this is so true. We all go through tough seasons or have difficult things we go through. Not letting these things defeat you and keeping your head up makes such a difference. We can inspire others when we handle our hardships the best we can. I'm talking to myself here too ;) Happy Saturday, friends! 
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