Saturday, November 9, 2013

Perspective & Ranger at 3 Months Old

A blog I read regularly (In This Wonderful Life) posted a link to a video earlier this week. I decided I'd watch it on my lunch break and had to keep blotting my eyes with tissues to keep the tears from falling. 

I'll back up and give you an understanding of where I was at the day I watched it. I wasn't feeling well as the day went on Tuesday and had a nasty dizzy spell before bed. Wednesday morning was rough. I just didn't feel well, felt weak and had a lot of widespread pain rotating through my body. Some of the pain was even electric feeling which I was not used to. I got to work and was fighting through the pain and weakness. I watched this video and gained a new perspective for my day. My day was fine - I can eat, breathe, laugh, cry, walk and drive. What a story they have and what a great testimony for the Lord's healing hands. 

I ended up figuring out one of my prescriptions didn't get into my pill pack this week (it had been pulled for me to take to the doc to get refilled and I hadn't noticed it was absent). After just about a year of taking it, I didn't take it Monday or Tuesday and was experiencing crazy withdrawals since this is a med you have to slowly ease off (not quick taking abruptly). I've been much better since realizing it and putting it back into my pill pack. 

Check out this 22 minute video and be prepared for tears and tissues. This perspective helps me be confident our Lord can handle this, on my plate, and help me appreciate ALL I have rather than seeing the things missing in my life. Wow. 

Scroll down on this page and click the play button for the video "Watch the Documentary Short Film". 

Ranger is 3 Months Old!
In other not-so-serious updates, Ranger turned three months old this week - it's so wild! I can't believe how much this little pup has grown and how fast it's happening. We take our roles being puppy parents seriously and love our Rangerboy. Here's a little glimpse at a few photos over these 3 months.

First Day - he's just a few hours old here. We all fell in love seeing this little guy enter the world. He was so tiny and fragile at just 3.5 ounces (less than a quarter of a pound!). We're all still amazed he made it in those early days being so fragile and us having to supplement his food. 

A Few Days Old - burry, but funny to see how tiny and hairless he was!:

 1 Week Old - it makes me miss our tiny puppyboy:

1 Month Old - still such a sweet sleepy pup:

Another at 1 Month Old:

2 Months Old:

3 Months Old:

We're looking into obedience class for him to set him on the right track. At the vet appt on Thursday (for his puppy shots), he's now 7 pounds! That's half of his dad, Boo, who is at 14 pounds as an adult. He's a wild, sweet, curious puppy. He is scared of people he doesn't know (we learned this at the vet this week;)) and now he has enough puppy shots that we can start leash training, going on walks, and hopefully getting him more interaction with other dogs and humans. 

I've been reading My Wise Mom's blog (Iowa Girl Eats' Sister in Law!) and she posted cold remedies this week I thought I'd pass along! Click here to hop over to her post. She also has kids with food allergies, so I've enjoyed getting to know her blog and things she writes about. 

Today's Pinspiration:
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