Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fall Colors & Halloween Week

Happy November! I can't believe we're already here, but I'm loving this fall weather lately. Highs in the 70s, blue skies, and some fall colors starting to sneak in. 

We've still got pretty flowers on the bushes too. I love these bright flowers in the south. 

 Sweet Ranger and his new favorite toy: kong. We fill it with treats for him to dig out sometimes - he loves it. It's a good way to let him work for it since he likes challenges. 

Our 12 week photo. He looks so sweet and innocent here ;) really, he's a wild child. 

 Nick did this last weekend after a run. You could not get me in that water, but he loved it :) the water temp was 62 degrees. 

You can see how big Ranger is in this photo. He's started jumping off the ottoman and couch - not jumping up on them yet. The first few times, and even now a bit, he gets scared to jump off and paces on the couch, whimpering, until he gets brave enough to make the jump. 

I think this was shortly after his bath - he's so fluffy after his bath. 

Sunrise on my drive to work this week. I love when the beauty of the world makes us pause and soak it up. I need to soak it up more often. 

I'm loving the colors outside. Still so pretty! 

Halloween night, before the trick-or-treaters came. We let Ranger watch all of the kids coming to the door to get him used to people. 
Our vet said 10-14 weeks is when dogs typically develop fears, so to expose him to lots of people and things dogs are typically afraid of (men in hats, people with umbrellas, etc.). He did great! He didn't love the ones wearing masks completely covering their faces, but did great with everyone else! 

Family photo Halloween night. Ranger is 12 weeks here. 

 We love our cuddles - it was so sweet when Ranger cuddled up between us. This pup throws his crazy tantrums, but is so sweet too. Like kids, right? Ha:) 

I took this a few nights ago - I think his face is looking less like a puppy these days. He's grown up so crazy fast, I look back on his tiny 3.5 oz puppy photos and can't believe he's the same guy. 

I have a doctor checkup this week, to see how my new medicine is working, and Ranger has a vet appointment this week to get more shots - I think he wraps up his puppy shots at this one. 

We'll watch our Cyclones and Huskers this afternoon and hope they do better than last week... it's been a rough season so far, but we love our teams. 

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