Saturday, April 27, 2013

Making Hank's Blanket

Once we know Amber was having a baby, I had decided early on that I'd like to knit the baby a blanket, one way or another. I've knitted many scarves in the past, but wanted this baby to have something special made by Aunt Marissa. After watching many youtube videos trying to figure out if I could use my "regular" knitting needles, I picked out the material for the main part of the blanket and started it at the end of February.

I used my regular needles, and squeezed the entire width of the blanket on there (lol). It worked though! Typically for blankets, people use circular knitting needles from what I learned. Doing it this way made it take a bit longer since I had to keep it all squeezed on the needles:)

Finished blanket earlier in April:) No makeup and after a long knitting day...

Next up? I wanted to add a border and his name. I thought I could knit this, as knitting is what I know. After seeing a few videos, I realized knitting it was out and I may be able to sew his name with yarn sewing needles. 

I was quite intimidated when I realized the only way that really made sense to make his border is to crochet it. I've never (ever ever) crocheted before and I was scared. Nick can tell you how nervous I was about messing up the blanket and figuring how to make it look nice when it's my very first attempt. 

Thankfully and amazingly, after learning by watching youtube videos, I figured it out and the entire border was finished within two hours or so. I was SO proud, let me tell you:) In case you find yourself in need, this website of videos was very helpful from basics to tricks and neat stylistic things to do with knitting and crocheting. 

I think the fuzzy yarn helps cover up any mistakes I may have made and is so playful looking. 

I was torn about what yarn to use for the border and what color to use for his name for quite some time and I think we nailed it, I love the look! Nick helped me pick it out too. 

As scared as I was to do the border, I was equally nervous about messing up the letters of his name. Thankfully, his name is short (thanks, Amber and Zach;)). I had to use a crochet hook to crochet into the blanket and after drawing out a few ideas (all caps, which "a" I liked better lowercase, etc.), I started in. The nice thing is that you can easily rip out any mess-ups and start over. I did a line to practice. 

I wanted to keep the back of the blanket as "clean" looking as possible, so I stopped crocheting after every line and basically wrapped the yarn around the back of the blanket's white stitched line to get my crocheting point back to where I wanted it. 

For example, I crocheted up the left line of the H and to get back down from the top left to the middle left, I wrapped the yarn around the back, so I wasn't double crocheting to get back down. 

In the end, I'm so proud of this big project I took on and completed. I love the blanket and knowing some of the things I learned, I have more tools in my belt for future projects. 

It was time consuming to make, so I estimate that If I tried to make these to sell for example, I probably wouldn't make much money per hour ;) They are so fun and rewarding to make for loved ones though, thinking of them every stitch of the way. 

Finished product!

Here are the materials I used (this blanket is SO soft, I love the softness for a baby blanket):
Body of the blanket: Bernat Baby Blanket in Baby Blue (I used two big skeins from JoAnn's)
Border: Bernat Tizzy in Blue Skies (I used less than 1 skein)
NameBernat Baby Blanket in White (I used less than one small skein)

The most fun thing was to see Hank on his blanket, just as I envisioned many times while I was working on it. So cute to watch him check it out;)

I'm pretty sure he likes it. Oh my melted heart. 

Cubby likes it too:)

Today's Pinspiration - I'm LOVING finally feeling some Spring! 
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Luann said...
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Luann said...

The blanket is absolutely ADORABLE Marissa!! Hank is very blessed to have you for his aunt!!

Luann said...

oops. messed my first comment up. sorry about that! :)

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