Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thrifting Finds!

While visiting my parents in Texas over the holidays, we made a trip I've been craving to Double Exposure

I was introduced to it by co-workers while we lived there and I get great deals every time I go. During our August trip to see my my parents, we weren't able to make it to Double Exposure, so I've been wanting to go for quite some time. This trip didn't disappoint and they even had extra sales going on, 25% or 50% off everything in the store. 

Let's get to the goodies.

I love this casual top. It's kind of lacy and see through in certain areas which I really like. It feels hand crocheted or something, I just really like it! 

 I always wear layers, so love these inexpensive "under" shirts. This coral top (it looks pink here, but it's really more coral...) is in the photo below as I paired it with the next shirt.
Lovelovelove this top. 
 In action with the coral top:

Another one wearing that outfit. I {obviously} loved that outfit:)

 Kinda blurry, here it is in action...

I haven't worn this one yet, but looks really cute as I've tried it on! 

Here it is in action, dark photo, but I love the dress - it's so comfy. 

The last of my finds at Double Exposure:
Since I like layering, I love vest shirts like this. Very versatile and can be paired with many shirts to change the style. 

Kohls Finds:
After Christmas, we had a few things to do at Kohls and had some Christmas money for clothes since that's what I mainly asked for, my parents and in-laws also did great getting me some clothes on their own - they know me well:). I picked up some great finds at Kohls I'll just throw in this post too:
I just love this shirt, lacy, classy, just a style I love and didn't have in my closet yet. We also had a 20% off our entire purchase, so these Kohls deals got even better with that discount!  

 This shirt is on clearance and I think it's so fashionable. I hope I can pull it off ;) I picture it with dark skinny jeans and I think it's long enough to just wear with leggings. So fun. 

I liked this little fun skirt that was on clearance too.  

Here it is in action (not sure why my eye looks weird in the photo...) with leggings.

Have you had any fun thrifting finds lately? The thrill of the hunt for a bargain gets me every time:)

Today's Thrifting Pinspiration:

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