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Capturing December Photo-A-Day Challenge; Days 16-31

Capturing December Days 1 - 15 was posted here. I took a photo within the category daily and posted them to Instagram. I know everyone doesn't have Instagram (or follows me;)), so I wanted to blog about it too.
I'll continue right where I left off! 

Day 16: Outside Christmas Lights
We didn't have any, so here are the outside lights my dad sent me (via text message, hence the blurriness) on their home in TX.

Day 17: Presents  (... just a few of them I had wrapped up to this point:))

Day 18: Stockings

Day 19: Candy Cane
As you can see, I had no candy canes to photograph;) so I just used my phone as my candy cane. Points for creativity, right?

Day 20: Tree Topper
It was out first year using this topper (from Target a few years ago) and I am a big fan! It glows so nicely and fits in with our tree very well.

Day 21: Peace
Peace is everywhere, we just have to look. This particular day, I had an hour and fifteen minute commute to get home, and as I was stopped in traffic, I saw these two and took a deep breath, seeing the peacefulness in this wild world.
_ _ _ _

Slight deviation from the Capturing December photos, our drive from Mpls to the Des Moines area for family Christmas was a mess south of Ames, so I'll throw in a few photos from that trip to keep in chronological order:
These pretty crystals were all over our vehicle the morning we were leaving Mpls.

 I hoped by the time we got to central Iowa, they roads would be much better but they were still a mess. Iowa DOT had some explaining to do after this storm. There were SO many vehicles in the ditches, some on their sides, some upside down, some in clusters where I think the 26-vehicle pileup may have happened. It was scary to see a cluster of upside down vehicles, praying for everyone involved.
The roads were partially covered in thick, rocky ice. 

We finally exited I-35 near our destination and I was SO glad to get off. As you can see, I-35 was backed up and slow going southbound and northbound. Note that this is the Saturday before Christmas - a huge traveling day. Such a mess for drivers trying to get through central Iowa. 

After overcoming the anxiousness of the road, we met up with Joe for lunch. It was so great to see him!

_ _ deviation complete_ _

Day 22: Tradition

That night, we had Christmas on my dad's side - without my dad. It was sad to not have him there, but was so good to see everyone and meet my cousin's new baby Piper!

Day 23: Scarf
This one happens to be one of my favorite scarves. I love scarves...

Day 24:  Favorite Part of Christmas Eve
My favorite part of Christmas Eve is really going to a Christmas Eve service with family to celebrate Christ's birthday. I don't have a photo of that, but another favorite tradition is driving around and looking at lights. Many years, we each keep count of a decorative item (i.e. santa, snowman, rudolph...) and we see who wins and we yell out each time we see one of our items:) we have a lot of fun with it! 

Day 25: Morning - here was our Texas Christmas morning - more to come in a Christmas post

Day 26: Grateful
Grateful for morning coffee with mom and dad in Texas (Nick joined us too in case you're wondering, but he didn't have any coffee)

Day 27: Night Time
Leaving the Dallas/Fort Worth area dark and early.

Day 28: Words
I found this online and liked it.

Day 29: Sky View
Here's our sky view in Omaha with Nick's family, spending a few days there with Amber and Zach as well

Day 30: Winter Wonderland
Omaha winter wonderland

Day 31: Fun

Our New Years Eve fun was watching ISU's bowl game (although we didn't enjoy the loss) making spicy cashew chicken stir fry (delicious - recipe posted here) and enjoying a night back at our home relaxing. We had a great time with our travels, but were gone nearly a week and a half, drove about 34 hours total, and were just enjoying relaxation at home.

Today's Pinspiration: 

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