Thursday, October 4, 2012

Our 80-degree Fall Sunday Afternoon

 I'm trying to capture fall in photos everywhere I go right now. My theory is that living in Texas for the last two falls, we missed many of these vibrant fall colors, so they stand out even more to me this year. It's like artwork everywhere we go! I'm completely amazed at the beauty around every corner. 

Last Sunday after church, Nick suggested we eat lunch out somewhere (such a treat to eat out!) and go on a nice walk at a park since the weather was so great. With talks of temps in the 50s in the coming days (that are here today), we had to soak it up! So we had lunch at Pei Wei (yum!) and I enjoyed an awesome dairy and gluten free meal (Pei Wei Spicy, they even gave me gluten free soy sauce packets!) and we ventured to a regional park we haven't been to before.

 It was a spontaneous mini-day-date and I loved it! We had so much fun exploring the area. This beach's busy summer days are long gone at this point.

The trails have been taken over by the beauty of fall. I was in awe pretty much the whole time. 

 The old established trees in such bright colors was quite the sight. 

Some of the trees on the trail were bending over backwards (see it?) to provide shade. 

I really liked this tree.

Here's a closer look 

 This one makes me want to sing, "over the bridges and through the woods..." 

 Colorful ivy growing up the tree trunk

There were trails off the trails as well - some are for cross country skiing in the winter while other trails are for frisbee golf. We could've gotten lost in there taking all of these little paths.

Reaching for the sky before fall turns to winter...

Such fun colors. 

I just love these non-green colors! I told Nick I wish trees were always fall colored. He (smartly) said if they were always these colors, we wouldn't appreciate them as much. Well said, honey! The time we enjoy these colors is only special since it happens for a short time.

I'm trying to live in each moment and soak up each day. It isn't easy as it goes so fast, but taking photos helps me at lease re-live these moments after they pass. 

 One off-trail led us to this quiet pond. It was so quiet and still. It felt like we were the only ones there - we weren't the only ones on the trails that day, but this whole area had such a quaint and peaceful feeling. 

As Nick took this photo, that security truck drove into the frame. We got off the path for him to drive by and he had the window down and said, "Sorry for photobombing your picture!" it gave us a good laugh:) 

So we did a take two. Me + fall trees = love

 I love these overgrown stairs in the side of this steep hill. 

Oh fall, you are so beautiful! I can't get enough of you right now. Please don't get too cold too soon...

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