Sunday, October 7, 2012

Aunt Marissa & Uncle Nick

We're excited we can share that my sister in law (Nick's sister), Amber, is pregnant! 

We've been keeping it on the down low for a few weeks now and are excited to share the news! We found out when were in Omaha for a wedding a few weeks ago, and have been waiting until we could share the big news. 

I have to share the story how we found out she's pregnant:

We were all in Omaha for a family friend's wedding that weekend, and after the wedding back at Charlie and Diane's house, Amber said she had a little gift that was a late adoption gift for me. I was surprised since they didn't need to give me a gift, plus they sent a sweet one for our anniversary which is on the same day. Anyhow, we open this little round box and Nick notices the little marble and is looking at it while I right away read the text sharing the big news. Wanting to be sure he thought what I thought, I waited until he asks, "Are you pregnant??" to find out it was true, Amber is expecting a little one due next April 19th (Nick's birthday!). The funny thing is that Amber had Zach taking a video of us without us knowing and they did the same for her parents and his parents so they could get all of our reactions on tape. Our reaction was shock and excitement - I had no idea and was just shocked and excited for them. Amber has been talking about being a mom for quite some time and we're all having fun with this being the first baby in our immediate family. 

Here's the happy couple on their wedding day two years ago this November.

Here we are with Amber 3 years ago on our wedding day

Zach was one of our ushers at the wedding

Proud big brother 

Amber keeps us on our toes ;) and we can't wait to welcome this loved baby into this world! 

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