Thursday, August 9, 2012

Nordic Fest and Celebrations

Goodness, it's been a busy few weeks! As you may have already noticed, we did a lot of traveling in July. Everyone weekend except for one, was spent on the road traveling to see friends and family for different events going on. I'm enjoying a weekend at home and am trying to catch up on things.

Last weekend, we went to Decorah, IA for Nick's family reunion and fortunately it's the same weekend as Nordic Fest! We had a great time catching up with everyone and enjoying the festivities of the weekend.

The lutefisk eating contest

The contest drew quite the crowd!

Afterwards, they handed out samples for everyone to try...
He likes it! Well he doesn't mind it at least :) I like how you can see me in his left lens and his cousin, Erin and her fiancé Juan in the right lens.

It's not the easiest to see here, but the announcer lady says her family calls it "fish jello". I didn't think it was bad, I just wouldn't be able to eat more than a few bites of it :)

Now, rommegrot is a different story! It's awesome.
I took a small sip of Nick's (I couldn't resist), but the milk, sour cream and butter don't fit into my dairy free (and now gluten free...) diet.

We watched this guy who sang some pretty funny songs and was very entertaining.

The Nordic Dancers were great as usual too!

That night ended with a great fireworks show. If you've never been to Nordic Fest, it's an experience!

Next up: Family Reunion! This is Nick's dad's side of the family.
Nick's extended family is very large by the way. There are many more people not in the photo. We played a water balloon toss game which was a lot of fun!

These photos are thanks to Nick's Aunt Heather

Nick and I successfully made it through many rounds to the final match. We weren't the winners...

I got soaked. It was pretty funny and I'm impressed Heather caught it on camera! It was so much fun.

 Back home to see the pretty clouds welcome us. 

Today's Pinspiration:
In lieu of Nick and I's third anniversary yesterday...
What I love most about my home is who I share it with free printable.

I love you babe! 

And for my adoption day (also yesterday!):
 I'm so thankful for the date that finalized my adoption with my mom and dad and also grew our family even bigger when Nick joined the crew:) Love you, Mom and Dad!

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