Friday, July 20, 2012

Our Des Moines Weekend in Review

Let's start chronologically. That's the way I like things.  

Last week, I whipped up a quick salad to have something filling to eat when Nick got home from a long day. This salad was a hit! 

 Salad contents: a 50/50 spinach and spring salad mix, sliced strawberries, crasins, red onion slices, microwaved eggs (they're so much faster than hard boiled), pepper, and balsamic vinaigrette. So easy and satisfying!

A few days later, we were off to Des Moines! That's right, the second weekend in a row. We had to see my parents while they were in town. The drive to DSM started out as a rainy one.

As we got south of the cities, the sky was muuuuuuch better. You know me an and my sunsets... Love. 

 And it goes...
 and goes... 

The next morning I got to meet baby Hudson! Remember, last weekend, he was in Maggie's belly:

And here he is in all of his cuteness! 

He is such a sweet baby and melted my heart while I held him pretty much the whole time we were there. Just look at those sweet little lips and nose. Oh my melted heart.  

Mag (as I call her) and her babies. Peyton was so cute and when we came in the room, she greeted Nick and I with a "hiiiii Nick... hiiii Missa!" My heart was so happy, I hadn't seen this girl in about a year and it was so fun to see her talking away and being so funny. She's such a sweet girl - I don't get to spend nearly enough time with these dear friends. 

Sweet Hudson. 

After leaving the hospital, we had fun catching up with my mom's side of the family (which I didn't manage to take any pictures at), and after that, headed to my Aunt and Uncle's place. They live out west of DSM and we got to see my dad's side of the family for a BBQ. And of course, we had to ride the 4-wheeler.  

And make friends with the cows that live/graze next door.  

That cow looks so thrilled to have his photo taken! 

 Me and my Texan dad ;)

Like father, like son. My dad's crazy hair is part of the hat by the way:) he loves to have fun with everyone's reaction to it.

 Hey cows! 

 At first, Boo (mom and dad's dog) was not wanting anything to do with Nick or I. He's very protective and wouldn't let us get close to my parents initially, but grew to trust us with time. 

It's a very pretty and relaxed area out there.  

I also got flowers from my parents! They're so thoughtful and the roses they gave me are absolutely beautiful. 

Our weekend with them was so very short, but we'll get to see them again soon which helps the goodbyes turn into a see-you-soon.

 Me and Daddio...
 and Mombo. I just noticed that apparently everyone has nicknames when I'm involved. Don't even ask how many Nick has, haha! There are lots. 

 Check out this rose. It has two middles (sorry- don't know the technical term there)! 

I was completely enthralled with the beauty of this rose. 

 They have a very prestigious spot in front of the window. 

 Each rose has its uniqueness, I loved every one of them! The white one on the left smelled the best by the way. Thanks, Mom and Dad! We miss you guys and wish we could see you more often, but love the time we get to spend together. 

Today's Pinspiration:
We lose ourselves in the things we love. We find ourselves there, too.

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Anonymous said...

Everything looks fantastic!! It was great to see everyone on our trip up north. Man, it looks like I had some bad hair days, hehe, Love Ya Kiddo, Texas Daddio :o)

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