Friday, April 13, 2012

A Downtown Morning

I love to people watch. Downtowns are great too as some people are rushing to get to work, some are on the phone appearing to already have started their work day on the bus. Some look confident, some seem hectic. Some are rushing their kids to childcare, others are on their morning run. I got to enjoy it all from my comfy chair at Caribou this morning.

I rushed by this coffee shop window many times and today, was able to sit and enjoy a cup of {amazing} fruity oolong iced tea and watch the world {ok.. Minneapolis...} rush by outside the window. 

It's the same thing I dream of doing in Paris someday - sitting at a coffee shop watching the world go by outside the window. 

After a little bit, it started raining. I was thoroughly entertained by seeing who walked calmly under their umbrella and who looked ridiculous trying to keep dry without an umbrella. I was one of those unfortunate souls without an umbrella looking ridiculous trying to stay dry too. 

It was beautiful though, I hope I continue to make time to sit and watch the world go by - it's very inspiring. 

Today's {tea} Pinspiration:


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