Thursday, January 12, 2012


BRR. We sure had a cold front come in, and I've definitely felt it yesterday and today! Since we moved here, we sure brought some of Texas with us - it's been a lot warmer than Minnesota typically is in December/January. We haven't had much snow, and temps were pretty mild. But winter came back today! I'm just thankful we got to ease back into the colder temps. 

With so many nice days, we were able to get in some walks outside! Here's us on our walk last weekend - it was no makeup day for me (don't you love no makeup days?).

 I was awestruck by the huge full moon that night - the moon is always so difficult to get photos of (especially on a phone!) so it doesn't show how awesome it actually was.

 I've been making these sugar snap peas every or every other day this week. These are awesome! I've been buying them frozen, steam them in a mug with water at the bottom (covered with a paper towel), and they are so crisp, sweet, and fresh. I don't usually get excited about veggies, but MAN these things are good. I wonder if I eat more of these if I can exclude all of the veggies I don't want to eat... and eat more sweets...

Speaking of sweets... I got my new Scentsy scents today (I'm so excited!) and tried out my sugar cookie scent. It's seriously awesome. Although I think it's making me more hungry for sweets now. Nick got home from work after I had it going for a while, and first thing out of his mouth, "What's cooking? It smells like cookies." To which I replied "Sorry about that!" Haha- no cookies, just my new Scentsy... I took that as a compliment to my new fragrance.

 Here they are just starting to melt (or bake in this case...). Mmmm.

 A few weeks ago, my light bulb in my warmer burnt out (after it successfully survived it's trek in the uhaul from TX to MN!), so naturally, when I placed the order (since they're a special kind of bulb), I didn't want just a lightbulb. Of course, it made more sense to order some scents for the year at the same time (Merry Christmas to ME!), so here are my new scents:

 These are all awesome and fun. Just Breathe is a minty spa scent (though not exactly as I imagined), Camu Camu is tropical (one of my faves), and French Kiss smells like a purfumy Bath and Body Works lotion I can't think of the name of (I like this one a lot).

 These 3 are the warmer scents, which I'm a big fan of. I love cozy scents. Autumn Sunset smells totally like a candle shop in September/October - ciderish, which I love. Cinnamon Vanilla may be my least favorite scent I ordered - it reminds me of a chai tea I bought one time and didn't like, so we'll see how it is when it's warmed. Then Sugar Cookie - it's awesome and one of my new faves!

We've still been working pretty hard to get our apartment organized and put together. One new addition I'm excited about is our new lamp! 

This photo of the lamp is very odd because of the coloring of the lamp shade. The shade is actually a gray color and the fabric is a bit like burlap - but this photo makes it look much more orange - when I made the photo black and white (below), it's a truer color of the lamp shade.

Over the past few weeks, we've also made a HUGE pile to take to Goodwill - like almost bigger than our giant kitchen island. We've been working hard to say goodbye to things we don't use/need, and it's been good overall (aside from a few items I'm sad to part with, but know I need to). This weekend, I hope we're able to get more things up on our walls - that always seems to be a step that makes a new place feel more like home for me.

Hope you're all staying warm!

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