Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hibernation & My New Book!

First thing's first. It was so cold and windy today. If you saw me, you wouldn't have recognized me. I was as layered as possible. This is how I walked in the door from the bus stop tonight. The relatively short walk from the bus stop to our place (ok, on top of the 20 minutes outside waiting for the bus after work) had my thighs stinging, and I found myself cozying deeper and deeper into my layers. BRR! I was pretty spoiled by the nice weather since we've been here, and now winter temps are really starting to hit. At least I can hibernate in my layers and get a workout speed walking home!

Fortunately (knock on wood) we haven't had very much snow yet this winter! We got a dusting on Saturday that was nice to look at - but the kind that is gone soon too - bonus!

 A few weeks ago, I shared on Facebook that I got a scarf hanger at Ikea for my {numerous} scarves. I used to knit quite a bit and have many I've made and many I've bought/been given too. I love scarves! The hanger is working out pretty well! The only downfall is that I hang it in the coat closet, so when it actually hangs, only about half of the slots are really accessible - do you see what I mean? There are bigger fish to fry, but I mistakenly envisioned being able to see my whole scarf collection as I get on my hibernation gear in the morning.

Another note on the scarf hanger: Young House Love blog wrote about an advent calendar Sherry made for Christmas using this hanger (click here to see that post)! They're so creative.

Another thing I'm excited about lately is digging into a book I've been wanting to read since this summer: FibroWHYalgia. So far, I'm loving it! The author is from Iowa and has Fibromyalgia, but has found a balance to have control of her life (rather than the fibro control her). I've been so excited to hopefully learn some good tips and things I can try to continue on my path to wellness. As I've read so far, I'm finding things I do every day that are not helping my pain, fatigue, or "fibro fog". 

I need to make some life changes to achieve the result I want (which is to be pain free - and hopefully headache, fatigue, and fog free while we're at it :)). At times, it feels daunting knowing all of the changes I need to make - mostly to my diet and exercise - but it helps hearing it from someone who made these changes first hand. The author shares many other articles relating to Fibromyalgia on Facebook and Twitter which I enjoy too - I've started to really believe I'm not the only one fighting this fight. She also was part of a free conference call I listened in on yesterday about nutrition too. She's become a huge advocate for eliminating processed foods and making significant dietary changes - it's one of the things that really put her on track to achieve wellness.

I've been taking lots of notes and hope to look back for inspiration (and education), and also to share with Nick. It's been incredible for me to let him read a few chapters that relate to me, and for him to see I'm not as weird as I may seem :) that many of the life altering symptoms I have, others (like Sue) have struggled with too. Not that he hasn't believed me, because he has, but it's just great to learn more about this together. For a few months after my "diagnosis", I think we both felt pretty isolated trying to figure out what this meant, and hoping praying it isn't this bad for the rest of my life. So needless to say, it's very inspiring to read about people who have overcome the pain and found wellness! I pray I find it soon too, but I'm realizing how much work that might take. 

I know I can do it though.

 I just may need some motivation along the way!


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DavidGerber said...

Love hearing your updates!

That book looks awesome!

Miss you and Nick! Keep the updates coming!

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