Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Thrifting Jackpot

Many of you know that I am a "sale shopper". I love a good deal and clothes are the hardest for me to pay full price for (aside from the $100 jeans I bought in high school.. it pains me to write it, I was desperate for jeans that fit!). Anyway, this week, I was introduced to an awesome thrift store in Fort Worth called Double Exposure (nice name, isn't it?) that carries nice, newer, slightly used items. Items that are donated that don't meet their standards are given to Salvation Army. This place keeps the best of the best, makes money for a local charity, and I'm pretty sure is my new favorite store.

Check out my stash!

I'm so excited about my new items, and best of all, they were affordable! If anything happens to them or if I grow out of them, no biggie since they were such great prices. The shirt in photo 3 may be my favorite item of the day, but I'm excited about all of them really. I'm looking forward (can't contain my excitement really) to going back and getting more bargains!

Check out my good friends' blog post here about her estate sale purchases, she got some incredible buys! One man's [older items] are another man's treasure! I'm glad to allow these clothes to live on and see more good days :) 

Have you found any treasures lately? Please share!


Maggie said...

you have always been my bargain shopping friend! you should do a post where you are wearing your new finds...have nick help:)
thanks for linking back to my post! finding a good deal is a wonderful feeling, no?

Hannah said...

awesome, marissa! you need to teach me how to get text on the pics like you did in this post!

Marissa said...

Maggie - I'll have to post photos as I wear them :) Yes, finding a good deal is a thrill! Wish we could find good deals together:) Maybe sometime!

Thanks Hannah! I used FotoFlexer to get the text on the photos.

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