Saturday, June 4, 2011

May Madness

 Well we've been busy so this post is heavy with photos of our May festivities...

A friend took us to an FC Dallas major league soccer game - we loved it!

Action shot

Bart and Maria's wedding in Omaha where Nick was the best man and I was a bridesmaid. We had such a great weekend celebrating with these two and seeing friends and family in Omaha.

The guys :)

I did my own hair and was pretty nervous about it but I loved how it turned out and just had to post a photo of my accomplishment :)

The following weekend, Nick was in a wedding in the Quad Cities (yes, we flew back for both weddings - phew!). It was also a beautiful wedding. I didn't get a very good photo, but the bride's dress was gorgeous and we had a great time there.

While we were in the area, Nick's family had planned on meeting us in Chicago before we would be flying out so we could catch a Cubs game!

After a rain delay for a few hours, it was a great game and best of all, the CUBS WON!!! Yesss, it's always great when you can sing "GO CUBS GO" at Wrigley after the winning game. Nothing else quite like it :)

My fav sister in law!

My fav hubby :)

Beef and bean burritos I made this week - recipe coming soon, it was sooo yummy.

Amazing banana cupcakes with chocolate buttercream. Mouth watering. Moist. Fudgy. They're wonderful. Recipe coming soon.

I took them to work for my coworkers to enjoy and they did!
* * * * *

Changing gears, a prayers request to lift up... a friend gave birth to her first baby last Friday at about 28 weeks gestation. Baby was showing improvements and unexpectedly died on Wednesday. We attended the funeral today and it's so hard grasping the death of a 5 day old baby boy. Please pray for comfort, peace and strength for baby Carter's family as they heal. Here's a poem shared at the funeral today:

"The world may never notice
if a rosebud doesn't bloom or even pause to 
wonder if the petals fall too soon 
but every life that ever forms
or ever comes to be
touches the world
in some small way for all eternity
the little one we longed for 
was swiftly here and gone
but the love that was then planted
is a light that shill shines on
and though our arms are empty 
our hearts know what to do
every beating of our heart says
we will remember you."

This song was also shared. It will always hold a special place in my heart for baby Carter...


Hug your loved ones tight today and let them know you love them.

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