Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tuesday's Storms

Here are photos I took on my phone of Tuesday's storm as it passed through our area. There were two tornadoes in our area and some damage done by hail and winds. My car got some hail dents unfortunately, but with deadly storms all over lately, we were thankful to be safe.

We had marble to golf ball size hail

Our hail covered grass

Here are two photos from our local WFAA news site:
Img source

Img Source
There were 9 tornadoes confirmed by the National Weather Service in North Texas's storm last night. An article detailing each one here. Some weren't too far from us! Many other states were hit much harder and our prayers go to those families and states affected.

Stay safe out there!


Hannah said...

Wow, Marissa! SO scary! I am so glad you guys are safe. That's some HUGE hail!
We need to chat soon! I miss you, friend!

Marissa said...

Thanks, Hannah! I miss you too, we need to catch up soon!

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