Sunday, March 20, 2011

Gardens & Rodeos...

 I've been MIA for a few weeks hosting some Spring break guests! We're thankful to be in a place where friends and family want to come visit us :) Joe and Kristen came last weekend through mid-week and Nick's cousin Corey came with some friends mid-week and are leaving tomorrow morning. The guys are all golfing now giving me a chance to blog the many photos I've been taking!

Joe & Kristen at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens

Us at the gardens. I LOVE these gardens!

Hello Spring! Oh how I love pretty blooming flowers. And taking close up photos of them... I did that throughout the whole garden and could probably do many posts with all of the photos. But I narrowed it down to just a few.

This tree had blooms all up and down the trunk and branches, it was crazy!

Blooms on that tree - so delicate and beautiful

Of course we have to take guests to check out the Fort Worth Stockyards and see the cowboys (REAL cowboys, not the football team.. although we did take them to check out the football stadium too ;)).

Kristen practicing her bull riding skills for the rodeo.

My camera didn't get very good photos in here, but here's one where one cowboy lassos the horns of the little bull and the other cowboy lassos the bull's legs. Makes me wince a bit, but I feel better when the little guy gets up and runs around.

The cool atmosphere at a downtown Dallas restaurant we ate at.

Tulips in downtown Dallas with my man waiting for me to finish taking photos in the background ;)

We went out for gelato in West Village - a trendy neighborhood in North Dallas! They loved it :)

We went back to the rodeo last night with Nick's cousin and friends and I caught some more action (again, my camera isn't the best in this dim lighting, but it'll do). Here's a cowboy getting bucked off (is that right? Getting bucked off a bull? Anyway...), you can see how dangerous this is for the cowboys! You can also see the clown getting ready to run in and rescue him - those guys are seriously life savers.
A clown standoff with two angry bulls - the second bull came out to the stadium for some reason so they now had two bulls to try to get out of the ring. Fortunately, they got them both out.

Another where the clown had a close call with a bull. Looking at this more closely, I wonder if the bull did get him!

 It's been a great week showing everyone around the area and a break from our every day activities. I'm becoming pretty fond of the rodeos now too... uh oh...


Maria Alban said...

I love all the pictures! Bart and I will have to come visit you guys.

Unknown said...

So glad you posted this! We love the pics! Hopefully we can make it down sometime too!

Marissa said...

I'm so glad you guys like the photos! Maria - we'd love for you guys to visit! Tisha - we'd love to have you too! I figured you'd appreciate those photos :)

Hannah said...

Uh! LOVE the beautiful and GREAT pics!! The restaurant looks so cute too as well as the gelato stuff! We NEED to come visit you guys!! Love you!!
P.S. Just wanted to say too that I don't always get to comment on this when I want to, but I really enjoy reading your blog and have it in my google reader so I always see the newest posts! :)

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