Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thank the Lord for AAA... Again!

Well you can probably tell how my day went... on my way to work, I heard a loud roaring sound getting louder and soon realized it was my car. Heart beating faster, I pull over one lane and into a gas station (so thankful one was there!) to learn that my steering "went out" and was incredibly hard to steer. Especially for my weak arms ;) then breaking was just as difficult as I pulled into a parking spot. Freaking out a bit, I grab my phone, start calling Nick at work and check my tires, which I assumed was the case since it sounded like last time's incident (click here for that story). Tires were fine! Ugh. It must be a worse problem I thought. 

He picks up and I immediately tell him that something happened with my car and explain everything I heard and noticed. He left to come get me (he works 35 mins away from where I was at) and I called AAA knowing we needed to have it towed. The tow man got there and was impressed again by how nice he was and he let me sit in the truck while he hooked up my car since it was raining outside (of course, it hasn't rained in like a month!). Nick got there shortly after and my car was off and Nick took me to work and went back to work himself. We work so far apart and live far from our work so just our commuting today racked up about 150 miles on his car. 

News from the shop was that my timing belt went out and apparently it may have damaged the engine as well which would be an even bigger problem. They won't know until they would replace the expensive belt and start up the car. So that's the fun we had today along with deciding if we want to fix this and other problems my car may encounter at it's increasingly ripening age or if we'll replace it. Who knows right now. I am yet again so thankful we have AAA which provided us a free tow (for up to 100 miles in TX!) and definitely stress relief so we could go on with our day. Also thankful yet again I was kept safe and didn't affect any other cars when my problem happened while I was driving on the highway.

On a much more fun note, I took a batch of caramel filled chocolate cookies to work today and everyone LOVED them! I got compliments all day (which helped from this morning's craziness :)). If you haven't made them yet... you should. They are... amazing.

I'll leave you with some photos from our walk this past weekend - the weather was perfect!

Aren't these roots CRAZY?!

Enjoy your Friday!

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