Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Miracles and Music

1. I have to share a miracle story with you. Grab a tissue and read this story about baby Bennett, a little guy I've talked about here and here and man this post encompasses it all. Amazing story of a family pushing through trials in life reaching out to God through it, and experiencing a real life miracle. Gave me chills. Here is their blog (click the linked word "here" to go to the blog).
Image of Baby Bennett

2. I have to share one of my favorite songs right now. I was completely rocking out to it on my way home and thought you may want to rock out to it too. About the third time you hear it, you'll be belting it out, trust me. It's a very relatable upbeat song and I'm a new Francesca Battistelli fan because of it!
3. Ok so I have to share another of my favorite songs right now. I've been hearing and loving it and just found out today it's by Train! They've had some great songs lately and I love this song right now. Would be a great one for a first dance between the husband and wife at a wedding. This one's for you, my wonderful husband :)

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