Thursday, August 26, 2010

Enchilada Casserole, Anyone?

We got this great cookbook from one of our wedding showers from Nick's Aunt Jeanette - I love it! The sections are separated by vegetable, so it's perfect if you're looking for an eggplant recipe for example; there are many appetizers and meals for each veggie.

Here's the recipe! I figure why type the instructions if they're right there? Maybe it's laziness, but I'll call it a time saver :) If you can't read something, just let me know and I can easily translate this image. I love how few ingredients there are in this recipe! We typically have these on hand so it's convenient and I usually don't have to plan it out in advance. I usually use 1/2 the cheese this recipe calls for too (I use one pack of shredded cheese (2 cups)).

One other thing I do differently than the recipe states is I make my own enchilada sauce since I haven't been able to find a healthier can of it. I use 1 can of tomato sauce, no salt added (tonight, I used a can of diced tomatoes in tomato sauce w/o salt and it worked well too!) mixed with about 1/2 tsp each of the above spices, and less of the turmeric (a little goes a LONG way of that). Use more or less depending on your tolerance of spice - mine is usually mild :) and you can completely use any spices you like - this is the fun part!

Nick and I love this recipe and add different ingredients depending on what we have and what sounds good. Tonight, I added a can of chili beans and split it between the layers and we agreed it was a great addition to the meal. It made it extra hearty and we have more left over than usual, so it definitely filed us up quicker which means it'll last us more meals. Bonus!

Notice the cheesy layers here. Simply delicious. Can't wait to have leftovers tomorrow for lunch!

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