Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our Last Weekend in MN and Bare Walls...

This weekend was great! We wanted to live it up as our last weekend living in Minnesota and we did just that. Friday night we met up with a few of Nick's co-workers at Eagan's Relay for Life. It's an emotional experience to see the cancer survivors make their first lap around the track with a standing ovation and applause coupled with all of the luminaries with loved ones either honored or memorialized. It caused us to step back and think of our loved ones who have been touched by cancer.

Saturday, we went to the Mall of America to meet up with a friend. It was fun to walk around the mall and see it one last time. Then, we went to the Twins vs. White Sox game! We were fortunate enough to get tickets just a few days earlier to see a game in the new stadium before we leave the area.
A Fox News North sportscast going on; it was cool to see!

Fans awaiting the game

The downtown view from the stadium is great!

Minnie (Minneapolis) and Paul (St. Paul)

Joe Mauer, the hometown fave, a local from St. Paul

The clouds started moving in a bit... but the temperature was great

Enjoying the game

The Twins win 3 - 2! Just minutes after the game is over, the sky opens and it starts POURING rain

View of the rain from the skywalk; we were VERY thankful for the skywalk at this point! We heard rumors of tornado touchdowns, and there was a lot of wind and crazy loud thunder.

Here's a story about our way home: As we made our way back through the skywalk to our train (keep in mind I'm wearing flip flops and a skirt here!), we see a train arrive. We decide we need to run to make it. We run to be told we have to go to the other side where they're letting people on. So we keep running. As we came around the train, I can see Nick ahead yelling at me to run faster so I'm trying with all my might with the rain pounding against me and my umbrella; which at this point is being used to try to keep my bag with my camera and cell phone dry.

So I get close as the doors close. We express our frustration at missing the train but quickly wonder why it's still sitting there. So Nick, thinking quickly as the rain pours, gets to the door and presses the button to open the door and it opens! We rush on, thankful to make it and finally be out of the rain. At this point, my skirt and shoes are completely soaked; I could even wring out the rain water from my skirt. We were immediately greeted by a Star Tribune photographer saying he got a great photo of Nick yelling at me to run faster to make the train right as the doors were closing. So he took our names and city in case the photo would be used in the paper. We looked online and bought a paper today and didn't make it, but it still was quite the experience!
Here's our crowded train we rode in for over an hour - standing room only - after that crazy rain experience. We also were delayed for about 10 minutes as a stalled train was ahead. It was quite the ending for a great MN day :)

In other news, our walls are just about completely bare and it looks like someone's moving around here! We've just got 2 days of work left until the movers come pack everything up and we're on our way down south. It's crazy how fast this time has been flying! When we get to Texas, we'll be living in temporary housing (a hotel) for 2 weeks until all of our stuff arrives. We'll be anxiously awaiting moving into our new apartment there. That's all for now; still a lot to get organized and coordinated, but we're taking one day at a time :)

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