Sunday, July 16, 2017

33 Weeks with Baby Girl

Happy Sunday! I'm a bit bummed I haven't hopped on this blog more to record details of this pregnancy, but I wanted to make some notes now that I'm thinking of it. 

We had our birth class yesterday which gave us lots of helpful information. We're using midwives at a hospital along with a doula. This class was through the hospital and included a tour of the maternity  part of the hospital. It was a lot of helpful info about the birthing process! We'll go over information with our doula as well, and I'm all about learning things to be as prepared and informed as we can be. 

Baby girl has been rolling around my belly a lot since my last post. Now that she's bigger, I can really feel her rolling around/changing positions the past few weeks rather than just little jabs/kicks. It's the neatest feeling, though at times with certain movements, it hurts! She also gets hiccups a lot. Sometimes up to a few times a day. They say that could mean she'll have hiccups more often once she's born too, so we'll see:)

My mom and Nick painted our nursery which felt like such great progress! I want the room to feel fresh and clean so we went with a mint color for the walls. We'll have lots of pops of coral/peach colors once the room is put together too. 

Nick put together her crib this weekend, so that was a fun step in preparing her room too. 

Here's an inspiration pic of some of our colors. We got the prints at Hobby Lobby and I can't wait to see her room as it gets put together in the coming weeks! 

 Here are a couple of photos from our baby shower in Iowa:) I was about 28 weeks at the time of these photos. 

We've kept up taking bump photos every two weeks. Here they are so far!

Baby girl is making herself known at this point ;) 

Notes at 33 weeks:

  • No concerns have been brought up at our midwife appointments. After our anatomy scan, they needed one more image of the connection between the placenta + umbilical cord, but that checked out fine and we haven't had any concerns since then, praise the Lord. 
  • Baby girl hiccups often
  • At our last appt, she was transverse or laying on her side (rather than being head down), so hopefully by the time she's ready to arrive, she'll make it to the head down position. (She does have plenty of time still!)
  • This past week, whenever I would feel my belly to try to tell where her head/butt are, many times she quickly moves/repositions. It's sweet to interact with her like that, where she responds to my touch. 
  • She's supposed to be about the size of a loaf of bread about now. About 4.2 to 5.8 pounds and 17.2 to 18.7 inches long according to The Bump app. 
  • We have our baby basics (how to care for a newborn pretty much!) and baby safety/CPR class next week, and then a breastfeeding class in August. 
  • Our crib and rocker/recliner arrived this week! Nick got them put together and it's SUCH a fun step for me in getting her room put together. I love just sitting there in the chair and taking it all in. (Ranger has come to enjoy the recliner too ;)). 
What am I feeling lately?
  • Pain in my low back, especially when standing a lot in one day or siting uncomfortably for long. Baby girl is getting heavy on my front which pulls on my low back ligaments & muscles.
  • Feeling overall big and uncomfortable now. It's harder to get move around, get out of bed, get out of a chair, and I walk slower. 
  • I've started feeling nausea in the mornings again which is a bummer! Sometimes during the night, I wake up feeling like I could get sick, but thankfully I don't. I just have to eat right away when I feel like that and it goes away. Apparently some third trimester symptoms can mimic first trimester ones and that is one that's happened to me.
  • I'm thirsty all the time. I drink two glasses of water during the night and lots and lots during the day.
  • I'm tired all day every day. I have chronic fatigue even without pregnancy, so I'm definitely feeling it now! Growing a baby human is hard work for our bodies.
  • Bending over is hard. 
  • I'm waking to pee 1-3 times a night. 
  • Cravings: all things chocolate. In the first trimester, I wanted carbs and cheese/dairy. Now, it's all about the sweets. 
  • In the last few weeks, heartburn has gotten worse. I pretty much have it everyday lately! I never knew how painful heartburn can be. Ouch! Maybe she'll have lots of hair?! ;) 
  • I'm not as crazy hungry as I was in the second trimester. They say it's because our stomach is squished which makes sense.  
  • Baby girl is a night owl. Once I lay down at night is when I feel her really roll around and re-position. Sometimes it takes my breath away for a second when she moves certain ways - it's not always comfortable when the big baby in your belly does a big ol' summersault! Haha. I love talking her when I feel her moving though - then I know she's awake and I like to give her encouragement. 
We still have lots on our list of things to do before baby girl arrives (our due date is 49 days away, but who's counting?! ;)), so hopefully our upcoming weekends will help us keep making great progress. We're so grateful for all of your love and support on this journey! 

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