Saturday, April 30, 2016

Surprise Omaha Trip & Our First Overnight Guests

We surprised Nick's family a few weekends ago by showing up in Omaha for Hank's 3rd birthday. Our Godson was being baptized the following day there, so it was planned perfectly. 

We arrived at the place they were celebrating his big day and was a great surprise! They had so many fun arcade games, go carts and all kinds of fun. And a buffet which we enjoyed. 

We had fun planning the surprise, and even had thought ahead to take this picture in our pajamas Friday night that we sent to Nick's sister Amber Saturday morning wishing Hank a happy birthday from our home since we couldn't be there ;)  It was so much fun pulling off a great surprise! 

We're always grateful for time with this little guy! Living in CA doesn't allow us to see them as often as we'd like, so it was great to make another trip while they were in Omaha with family. 

 Our Godson Alexander was the perfect baby for his baptism the next day too. He was so relaxed and didn't fuss during his whole time on stage - such a happy boy! We were so glad to get time together with his family & friends at church during that trip. 

Leaving Omaha

Arriving in Dallas

The following weekend, Amber, Hank & Charlie had planned to visit us to see our house on her way back to California. We all walked around the Main Street Arts Festival - it was fun to see what it was all about! 

 Ranger enjoyed admiring his cousin Sammi. He liked to follow her around and try to get her to play with him. Though sometimes once she starts to play, Ranger gets intimidated. It was fun {and funny!} to watch them together. 

Hank enjoying what he claimed to be "his" chair at our place. 

We also got to celebrate Nick's birthday while they were in town. 

The ice cream cake from Dairy Queen was a hit as it always is ;) 

This sweet boy is full of energy and has the funniest things to say. We loved having them stay with us for a few days! 

In other news, Ranger is loving his new house ;) and is finding his favorite spots to hang out.  We're still in the process of getting things settled (it's a patient process, I know). I'm especially excited to get things up on the walls - It seems like that's the point when a house feels more like a home in my experiences. I just love coming home to our house every day though - I am so thankful to be here and enjoy it! These spring storms get a bit nerve wracking hoping we don't have major hail or wind troubles, but it comes with the territory:). 

Today's Pinspiration:
I started working out this week and have been excited to get into a routine of discipline. I like to have goals but tend to lack structure to take small steps to get there. I feel great when I accomplish something small each day toward my goals though! We can do anything we want - each day is a new day to create what we want in our lives. Maybe we have to repeat it over and over to ourselves until we believe it. 

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