Saturday, July 25, 2015

25 Days on the Whole30

Happy Saturday, friends! I can't believe I haven't had sugar/cookies/chocolate/processed foods in the last 25 days. That's wild! I honestly would have thought it would be HARDER than it has been. Don't get me wrong, it hasn't been easy, but once I was in a rhythm and got the hang of what foods to go to, it has made it much more manageable. 

I thought I'd put together lots of the foods I've been eating. The photos aren't all great, but I thought it could still help any of you on the whole30 or considering it to see what foods have helped me. This website it a great resource if you're considering it too.

I enjoy the way my body has been feeling digestively. I haven't had as much bloating eating these foods. I've had a few busy weeks and could keep up with a busy schedule well too. I've still been tired, and had fibro pains, etc., but overall, I've had fewer headaches to treat. 25 days of eating this way hasn't cured me of anything ;) but I do fee my body operating "cleanly". I also truly appreciate food more eating this way. While eating fruit and certain foods, I have specifically thanked the Lord for providing these tasty foods in nature. Foods of the ground are delicious! The Lord has provided awesome foods of the earth, and I've appreciated them much more when I'm not running to desserts, chips, and other processed foods.

5-Ingredient Spaghetti Pizza Pie. A friend recommended making this when I asked for recipes/tips as I started the whole30, and I got SO many tasty meals out of this dish! I even froze a few extra servings so I could eat them when I was in a pinch for a quick meal. I highly recommend it! If you've never tried spaghetti squash, you're seriously missing out :) Go get yourself one! Pasta from the earth! Gluten free too ;)

Spaghetti pie with sautéed asparagus

Spaghetti pie for another meal with eggs and fresh cooked garlic green beans. 

Breakfast: Sliced apple with almond butter and hard boiled eggs. 

2 clean (sugar free, compliant) turkey hot dogs - I was thankful to find these at sprouts to have an easy meat to add to quick meals. I whipped up mashed sweet potatoes (made with vegetable broth, ghee, garlic, salt and pepper), sautéed garlic asparagus, and mixed mustard with dill relish to dip the hot dogs in. I also made twice this much when I made this (and most others throughout the month) meal, to have leftover the next day for lunch and maybe even again for dinner the next day.

Tuna salad with tomatoes and cucumbers. I made my own dressing (since every dressing I've seen this month has sugar in it!) using olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and mashed up avocado to make it creamy.

Crock pot chicken & carrots over a baked potato. To make the chicken, I added a package of frozen chicken breasts to the crock pot with some baby carrots, water, and spices. I cooked on low all day and shredded with forks when I got home. 

Added salsa and enjoyed it! We had leftovers of the chicken and carrots I ate by themselves with veggies on the side for a few more meals. 

I loved this salad when we were in Chicago eating out. It was an avocado salad with tomatoes, onions, and I just added olive oil they had on the table with salt and pepper as dressing. They thankfully had meat I ate too, so I took leftovers which helped a TON with my meals in Chicago.

Baked sweet potato with salsa, scrambled eggs, and sliced roast beef from the store (check the ingredients, some just have beef, and seasonings like salt and pepper. so good!).

I did roasted vegetables this past week and will do them again! So good and easy once you chop everything up:) 

We marinated chicken and baked it, and I added it over a salad and added the roasted veggies with olive oil, salt and pepper. It was so good.

A favorite breakfast many days - cinnamon sliced apple with almond butter or sunflower seed butter (it's much cheaper and I really like it!).

This is my "potatoes O'Brien"- I microwaved the sweet potato for a few minutes to cook it through, diced it, chipped onion and bell pepper, and a little bit of squash I had left from the roasted veggies. I put them all with olive oil, salt and pepper in a pan and sautéed them for a while until they looked like this. I made fresh green beans with garlic, and salmon (I used frozen and microwaved it since I didn't have much time) with lemon juice, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. 

Another meal with leftover potatoes o'brien, green beans, with two eggs. 

The chili I made early on has been amazing for leftovers too. I had a few bowls frozen, so I've enjoyed them reheated when I didn't have any ideas of what to make. 

I've had the chili over shredded lettuce like this a few times - it's like a taco salad! So tasty. I've enjoyed it on top of a baked sweet potato many times too. 

A recent snack. I also eat lots of fruit after or between meals as needed - kiwi, pears, peaches, tangerines, grapes, etc. 

I did also find sugar free bacon at sprouts (though it wasn't at another sprouts we tried, so it varies) I ate with veggies and eggs too. We've also made hamburger patties wrapped in Prosciutto to add flavor and that was good for a few meals too. Mixed nuts (though no peanuts) have been great when I need a quick protein pick me up too. Get creative to change foods up and make them taste good!

I hope this might help any of you needing ideas, or show you how delicious it can be eating good foods! I used to eat sandwiches for lunch, so this food has been so much fun to eat and look forward to:)

Today's Pinspiration:
Foods have a bigger impact on our lives and our health than we realize y'all. We put foods into our bodies many times every day. Are we putting foods into our bodies that are helping our body or harming it? It's up to us!
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