Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Puppy On the Mend

After a couple of episodes of the sickness Ranger was dealing with (HGE), we're hopeful that he's on the mend! He was on a few rounds of medications (one more since I blogged about it last) to help heal his body and deal with the symptoms, and he's been doing well and seems to be himself more (back to his usual wild self;)).

He wasn't feeling well before we knew what was going on, wanting extra snuggles.

At the vet. We had to leave him overnight to get fluids which was so hard. He's an anxious boy and we knew he was going to be scared there, but we also knew he needed fluids. He was brave.

Going through those few weeks with our puppy made me think of all you mamas and the things you go through worrying about your kiddos when they're sick or something's not right. Making sure he was eating enough, trying to convince him to drink his water, making special meals for his body to digest while sick, watching every bathroom scenario to watch for progress... it was exhausting! Plus, I made extra time for him since he really just wanted to snuggle while he didn't feel well and my mind was thinking about how he was doing when I wasn't with him. I watch Ranger more closely for symptoms now, and really have been appreciating him more. After his 2nd episode in two days, he was not himself and just laid in my lap, with his head on my shoulder. I was paying attention to his little beating heart thanking the Lord for this little life. I've always loved this boy, but I realized that night how much my heart cares deeply for him. 

I think he looks like such a tough guy here ;) 

Last week as I was setting up food for my oils class. He was whining for chips :)

Thinking of all you mommies and daddies and your hearts spread out loving your kiddos (and fur babies). It's hard work, give yourselves some grace. And give them lots of hugs and kisses.

There's so much to be thankful for, and this is always a good time of year to count our blessings. 

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