Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fibromyalgia Update

Hey friends! I am actually excited about this fibro update - more than I ever have been to write one of these updates! After being diagnosed with fibro in March 2011, I have tried countless prescriptions (10+) and this spring, I found myself in a place where I was taking 6 prescriptions a day, still struggling with chronic headaches, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, and just struggling still in general with the impacts of fibro on my life. 

I'm so thankful to say the Lord has brought me a long way this summer from that place and I can finally see and feel the hope of wellness around the bend and have made great progress. 

I'm down to just 1.5 pain pills a day now (2 prescriptions) to help with fibro. I've been taking 1/2 of a pill of one of them for two weeks to ease off of it and will take that away this weekend (YAY!). I hope to ease off my last pain prescription in the months to follow, though it's a stronger RX and I'm praying it will go well as I ease off. I feel so much more myself after being on pain meds for so long that have made me feel groggy, dizzy at times, super tired, feverish, out of body feelings, some have given me high blood pressure and all kinds of side effects. I feel like the scales have been peeled back and I'm ME again and it feels great. 

There are still days I have pain, rare headaches (I used to not have a moment without a headache, so this is huge!), and I still deal with chronic fatigue right now. I'm so thankful though and I think the path the Lord has brought me through has given me so much perspective in life - days I wake up and feel a little bit rested are such a gift after years never waking rested. I praise the Lord every morning for giving me the strength, energy, etc. for the day. I didn't praise Him for "simple" things like that before my fibro battle. 

Only God knows why we go through these things, but on this side coming out of it, I can see more clearly and am so thankful for this progress and perspective. I have a new goal to help others in their journeys to wellness - and in some cases, help encourage those wanting to find alternatives to prescriptions. Don't get me wrong, prescriptions certainly have their purpose and there are times we need them, but I'm so thankful to be heading in a direction not relying on them every day. 

What's helped? So many things have helped, friends, really. 
  • So much prayer through this process. 
  • Having a strong family and friend support system (thanks to my hubby especially!). 
  • Changing what I eat to exclude dairy and gluten (I may continue on this journey or cleanse at some point to go deeper). Removing dairy from my diet especially has helped the IBS. I have learned to be careful and avoid certain foods (with too much fat, too greasy ,etc. my body can't handle well).
  • Drinking water. I can allow myself to be dehydrated easily, and I really don't feel well when my water intake is low. I've been trying really hard (I'm not sure why it's so hard!) to keep this up. Flavored oils in my water help at times to add a little something to the water too. 
  • Chiropractic care helped when I went this spring - I need to find a new chiropractor now. I also need to exercise - it's supposed to help a lot and I need to get myself on an exercise plan - even starting with yoga. 
  • Connecting with a helpful naturopath helped point me in the right direction and did a thorough evaluation. She was even the one to point out, "You're taking ALL of these prescriptions, and you STILL have all of these chronic symptoms"... yes.. that was a moment of realization I needed to hear I wasn't headed where I was trying to go. 
  • Essential oils have been giving me a great foundation this summer as I've decreased my prescriptions. I use some Young Living supplements, oils in the premium starter kit, and I'm been having fun trying new oils each month to help. I've been really blessed by Young Living's supplements and oils this summer! They've helped with pain, headaches, teeth grinding (I used to wake up with pain throughout my jaw and the sides of my face & temples every morning and now I don't - at all!), anxiety, and I'm sure there are others I'm leaving out. 

I praise the Lord for all of this progress, it feels great! Thank you to so many of you for your prayers over the years. I continue to lift it to the Lord and trust His plan for my life. 

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I can really relate to this sentiment. I'm so thankful to have gotten off so many RXs successfully so far and pray the remainder goes smoothly too. It's a big adjustment when my body has taken them for so long.
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