Saturday, July 12, 2014

4th & Family

Last weekend, Ranger and I were able to spend time at my mom's with her and dad for the 4th of July. It was great! The dogs all did pretty well together. At one point, I had all the dogs snuggling watching Frozen (cute movie!). It was so sweet. Especially realizing this time last year, Mama Indy was pregnant with Ranger :) 

My beautiful mama!

Blurry family selfie before fireworks. 

After so much quality time & fun, Ranger was exhausted when we got home the next day. 

I was going through family photos, praying for my Aunt Melissa. This week has been tough for her and the doctors have said she likely has a few days left with us. She has truly made an impact on this earth for the Lord, what more can we ask for? She's a beauty inside and out and we're all changed because of her. Please lift her and our family up in prayer if you get a chance. 

Aunt Melinda, Aunt Melissa, Aunt Michele, and my dad a few months ago at Aunt Melissa's

 We all have such a great family and support system for each other. Certain things that happen in life bring you all together and truly appreciate the importance of unconditional love and support. 

I found this photo of my cousins on my dad's side (minus Josh) at New Year's Eve one year, compared to the one below we took a few months ago. 

I also haven't written much here about it, but I've been emailing with my birth mother (ps - I'm adopted if you didn't know :)) for the past few years. It's been so neat getting know her and seeing similarities, and sharing myself with her. Getting the opportunity to thank her for giving me life was incredible. She recently shared she has been going through chemo and radiation for two tumors in her brain - one was removed, but the other was in too critical of a spot so she's been undergoing treatment. She's been on my heart and mind too - would you lift her and her family up in your prayers too? It's been on my heart to meet her and I'm praying I will get the chance if it's the Lord's will.
Also this week, I was able to link the domain I bought to this blog! You can now visit our blog at rather than (though that link will still work too!). I'm so excited it'll be easier to get to our blog now. 

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