Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Six Months Old & The Cone

Our Ranger buddy turned six months old this month (which is crazy!). This also meant time to be neutered. We knew it would be healthier for him and can help behavior, so we booked his neuter. On Valentine's Day. I know it's a sad day to do it, but it worked best for us. He's been doing a great job really. None of us love the cone (it scratches his poor hairless neck, but my nifty husby rigged up some padding to help). The day the cone comes off, we will all celebrate.
I posted this picture on Instagram this weekend and talked about how proud I am of this puppy for overcoming his anxiety and being so brave. I'm a proud puppy mama. 

Peaceful sunset. Sunsets are my favorite. 

While Ranger was resting a lot over the weekend, I made some time to read. I haven't read in so long and it was so good to read. In the past, my headaches have been so present that reading for fun just wasn't fun anymore. It seemed to be a little better this weekend, so I hope I can do it more often. 

I made this gluten and dairy free brownie mix on Saturday. SO good! 

We also got to see Ravi Zacharis speak this weekend. He is so gifted at speaking and relating to his audience. If you aren't familiar, check him out! 

Here's a quick look back at a few photos of Ranger's earlier days. I still can't believe my tiny 3 ounce puppy is now over 10 pounds and is a wild man. 
Can you believe he was ever this tiny?! 

I love my boys and am so thankful for them every day. 

Ok this is a bit corny, but Rangey boy has me wrapped around his little paw.

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