Friday, January 31, 2014

Inside Cowboys Stadium & Life Lately

 On my birthday, I used a gift card to Whole Foods my parents gave us for Christmas. A girl eating gluten and dairy free can have some fun there! I got quite a few new things to try - some I probably wouldn't buy, but since I had "extra" money, I had fun with it. 

These Whenever Bars are SO GOOD! You'd never guess they are dairy & gluten free. My Mother-in-Law actually had them for me one time I visited that she got at Hy-Vee (for my midwest friends:)). They weren't very pricey at Whole Foods from what I remember and boy are they good. The Zing bars were ok. The gluten & dairy free mac & cheese wasn't good, but I didn't have great expectations for that one. I have yet to try the Vega protein smoothie or chocolate brownie mix. 

I also got this pizza to try since I had heard it was good from someone on Instagram. It was definitely better than my first daiya experience! I would get it again, it's a nice easy option, and I hadn't had frozen pizza in nearly two years :) the convenience is nice! 

My boss is having a baby girl sometime in the next month and we had her shower last week. Shopping for baby girl clothes is SO much fun, but I can see how it can get expensive fast! That stuff is so cute. A cupcake on the butt? Yes, please. This is from Kohls for anyone interested ;)

Here's a glance into our living room. I didn't fluff the pillows nicely or straighten the couch covers for this photo, I hope you don't mind. At least I got cute Rangeyboy in the photo - AND you can see our accent wall color! I love the color with our things. 

I finally got these cute ribbon-elastic hair ties I've been seeing all over. I've usually seen them from little shops, which I like to support, but sometimes dislike paying shipping. These were at Target ($3.99) and they're so fun! Definitely a step up from the black elastic hair ties I've used for so long. 

We got to check out Cowboy's (now AT&T) Stadium last weekend - what a grand space. You may remember, two years ago (..I think it was two years..), the Super Bowl was here and it's 2014 or 2015 that the national championship game will be here. Pretty neat for this area! 

The seats are actually comfy too!

Yes, I took a nerdy photo of our feet touching the turf :) 

We also got to mingle with some of the top college football players just about ready to draft to the NFL. What a crazy life they're about to embark on! 

Tajh Boyd, Clemson - he was so nice! Nick mentioned something about the bowl game they played in and he excitedly whispered something to Nick (that he didn't quite catch, ha!). I'll cheer him on! 

C.J. Mosley, Alabama - he wasn't quite as bubbly, but was cordial and is a good player!

Some beauty I enjoyed this week. Sunsets are one of my favorite things - everything is pretty magical in the warmth of a setting sun. 

I also made dinner - a great achievement of mine this week. I baked chicken with italian dressing and made (gluten & dairy free) balsamic mashed potatoes. I made them up on the spot (hoping they wouldn't ruin the meal!) and they were so good! 

Here's a video of Ranger meeting the vacuum last week. Bless his heart. He cracks me up!

Today's Pinspiration:
I've been thinking a lot about this lately - how our society/the world impacts us (I've especially been thinking of the impact it has on young girls) and can make us look at ourselves through the world's lens. And see our differences as flaws until we learn to embrace them. This is a great reminder of the beautiful creations we all are, and the purposes we were created for (because we all have great purpose you know). It reminds me of a song talking about how you're the best (and only) you YOU ever could be. This (More Beautiful You by Johnny Diaz) is the song I was thinking of (naturally, I had to find it once I thought of it!). So true, every girl needs to hear this throughout her life. 
Remember who you are Art Print

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