Saturday, January 18, 2014

Getting Settled

It feels like there's so much to catch up on! We've been busy with the move, unpacking, and getting settled, but we're enjoying our new home! 
We got to paint an accent wall and we love it. We just provided the paint and they had painters come paint it for us for free - what a nice bonus!

This cutie is adjusting to his new space better each day. He runs laps/sprints around here like he owns the place :) 

I had last Monday off work to make more progress getting organized. It was great, plus I could rest up a bit more. Moving is exhausting! 


Last weekend, we enjoyed Mi Cocina with my mom and dad for dad's birthday. It was my mom's first time seeing our new place too! We came back to our place after dinner and played a game, it was nice to spend the evening together! 

We are fortunate to have a lovely sunset view out of our window- I love it. 

My daddio and I on his 60th!!:)

I'm so thankful for these two, and their help during our move/transition back to Texas. 

Last Sunday, Ranger graduated from his beginner class after 6 weeks of practice, patience, and hard work. It has definitely helped us all in this puppy journey. 

I made chocolate raspberry cupcakes for my dad's birthday (he loves all things raspberry!). They were so good, I'll have to get the recipe posted sometime soon!

This weekend, Nick and I are enjoying and celebrating my birthday! I'll see how many times I can get away with "...but it's my birthday..." this weekend ;) haha! Kidding, I'm blessed to spend a quiet day at home with my boys who are always good to me. This morning, Nick gave me my gift early: a Keurig! I've wanted one for so long and our old coffee machine died last weekend. I'm loving it - Keurig lovers, what are your favorite K-cups/flavors? I'm excited to try them!

I still have organizing to do around here along with brainstorming where I want things on the walls. That always helps a new place feel like home! 

I'm off to enjoy the weekend - I hope you enjoy yours too!

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