Tuesday, December 24, 2013

This Christmas Season

I've gotten behind on my weekly posts - it's been so busy around here! I don't know about you, but I can't believe today is Christmas Eve - these past few weekends just flew by and were so busy!
No, I didn't get my nose pierced ;) 
This season has been filled with so many blessings, I'll share more on that in a later post. 

This Christmas, I'm glad we get to share it with both Nick and I's families. It's also Ranger's first Christmas which is fun for us. We just have two weeks of Ranger's puppy class left and he's been doing so good! Still some areas to work on ;) but he's made progress for sure. 

On December 14th, I was baptized. I hadn't been baptized before and it had been a long time in the making  (8 years ago, I gave my heart to Christ) and it was so good. In the way only He can make it. The pastor brought Nick up (after this photo) to enjoy it with me, and my parents were there along with some couples in our married's group. It was a weekend filled with love and so much gratitude for all Christ has done. 

 This snuggly boy took advantage of a warm place on the bed right after I got up, he snuggled into my spot on the bed. #meltmyheart

Ranger's first Christmas - I still can't believe how huge my tiny puppy is! 

So many co-workers were so thoughtful giving gifts - I got so many great and thoughtful gifts from them! My secret Santa this year was amazing - I gave her a few shout-outs on my Instagram during the week. 

Funny story about this happy mug - I had pinned it to my Christmas List the week before, and Monday morning, my secret Santa had it on my desk with other goodies. I was sure it had to be someone I was connected to on Pinterest so had a few names in mind all week. I was so wrong and the wild thing is she had no idea I pinned it! We're not connected on Pinterest, she just saw it and thought of me. I so love the people I work with and am always so thankful for them. 

Beauty on a December Texas afternoon 

I got my first red cup of the season on Sunday - after Ranger's class and during our Target run. It gave me the pick-me-up I needed to check things of my list that day.

Family photo by the tree:)

I'm so thankful for these parents of mine. 

Ranger and I, my mom and Ranger's mom (Indy) and my dad and Ranger's dad (Boo). Such a fun photo! 

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

This week's Pinspiration:
Printable Christmas Carol Art
Source: this is also a free printable! Click the source link to get it. 

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