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This is a great season to make us step back and realize all we have to be thankful for. I thought I'd reflect and jot down things I'm thankful for. Two years ago, Nick and I had a "thankful basket" we'd put something every day we're thankful for. It was neat to go through them together in the end. I also kept them and we looked at them again last year and it's neat to see where we were at and what was on our hearts a year before. 

A beautiful setting sun on my way home this week 
I'm thankful for so much beyond this list, but here's a start:

  • God has to top the list each year. I wouldn't be here without Him and He is our ultimate Provider, Healer, Designer, Planner, etc. 
  • My hubby. If you've been reading for long, you probably know how much he helps me, supports me, cares for me, and has a selfless love that is incredible. 
  • Our puppy, Ranger. He brings so much joy and puts life in perspective. He also challenges us, but I'd say in areas we could use to be challenged.
  • Family. Our families mean so much to us and are a huge part of who we are and growing together.
  • Joe's healing. The weeks after Joe's accident were scary to say the least. Some of you know he had another surgery this week on his diaphragm. It had been cracked and unseen until recently. It should help Joe's pain and breathing, and hopefully help him heal more fully. His healing has been a hard, long process, but we're so thankful he's here and to see his progress. God is good! 
  • Work. I'm so blessed to have a great boss, team, and feel appreciated. I know this is hard to come by and so thankful to grow there. 
  • Provision. Even through hard seasons of life, we are continuing to learn how the Lord provides for our needs. Even needs we don't think about - food, shelter, love, etc. He gives us what we need. 
  • Friends. We try to be intentional in our friendships (I wish I could be better at this too) and to appreciate them, be there for them, and enjoy the friendships. I've said it before, I wish I could just be a full-time friend, I just love to encourage others and wish I had/made more time to do it.
  • The holiday season. It's my favorite time of the year. I love the coziness, the warmth and love shared, the twinkle of Christmas lights, snuggling by the fire place, and giving hearts. This season always seems to go too fast, so I try to soak up every day and enjoy it. 
  • My creative heart. I enjoy making things - knitting, crocheting, card making, etc. This time of year is fun to see what I can make for gifts and put my creative soul to use. 
  • The social world. As silly as it may sound, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, the blogosphere all help me stay in touch with friends and family. I have to be careful not to spend too much time there, but there is so much love and so many great people I've enjoyed connecting with. People that are similar to me, different from me - I learn new perspectives.
  • Food. I'm thankful we are able to accommodate me eating dairy and gluten free. I'm thankful I've found great foods to eat and that Nick is on board with finding healthy alternatives to keep us feeling good. 
  • Readers. That's you all! I love hearing from you, sharing with you, and living life together. 

It's so rare these days Ranger takes a nap on us - we soak up these sweet moments
We start obedience school for Ranger tomorrow and we're excited. We try to be the best puppy parents we can be and look forward to learning how we can help him better and work through some of his areas of "improvement";). Here's a funny video of his feisty leg picking a fight with him (crazy pup! He does this often and I finally got it on video).

(Source: Grace & Lace Website)
I loved watching Grace & Lace on Shark Tank last night. It's crazy how successful their business has been - she started it while she was on bed rest with a high risk pregnancy (I followed her blog during that stage of her life - until she got too busy with her Etsy shop and stopped blogging!:)). Watch the video of their story here. They've done over 1 million dollars in sales in the past 12 months! It's wild, but neat to see a business grow from her making things for herself, to doing orders from friends & family, to the business soaring as it was shared through Pinterest, FB, etc. On their Facebook page last night, she shared how thankful they are for the Lord's plan for their business and that they were selected to be on Shark Tank out of 38,000 applicants. Incredible! And inspiring. 

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