Sunday, March 24, 2013

Summer Dreamin' & Smoothies

I opened the Netflix this week and was excited to see Nick picked The Lucky One for us to watch this weekend! He knows me well and I was excited to see this one since I read the book a few summers back. Not all of Nicholas Sparks' books turned movies get great reviews, but I'm a hopeful romantic and it's fun to see the movie after reading the books.
Watching this movie took me right back to the place I read the book - my mom's sun room the summer after I graduated college. 

Nick was living in Fort Worth with his first "big job" out of college while I was dreaming of the day we could be husband and wife (he proposed the following year;)). I spent that summer reading nearly all of the Nicholas Sparks books and swooning and swaying in love. I would get home from work each warm summer day, and hit the couch in the sun room, excited to see what happened next in my book. 

The Lucky One
Some weekends, I'd take my book and join my mom fishing and lay in the sun reading my book. 

Summer 2008
This movie took me back to that place and made me realize how many of my dreams have come true since then. Marrying my love, traveling and exploring together, waking up side by side, and learning more about who we were made to be. That summer just about convinced me to be a small town librarian. Haha, so many of his books draw up such sweet pictures of cozy life in a small town, one was about a woman working at the library and the way he wrote it just about led me in a new career direction;) laugh if you must, but I swoon for romance. 

I enjoyed the movie, although I was quick to tell Nick which parts were very different than the book. The music was great, just my style too. 

This cold long winter has me longing for those sunny summer days too. It will come, hopefully sooner than later:)

Here's a song I've loved for a few years that was in the movie. I've been singing it ...a lot... since then:

This morning, we had his and hers smoothies for breakfast (this made two smoothies):

1 frozen Banana
5 ice cubes
Handful gluten free oats
1 Tbsp peanut butter
1 Tbsp chia seeds
4 baby carrots
Handful chopped celery
A variety of frozen fruit (strawberries, blueberries, pineapple)
1/4 cup or so prune juice (keepin' things regular;))
1/2 cup or so almond milk

I also got my hair cut yesterday and it feels wonderful.

Now it's back to watching ISU vs. Ohio State in March Madness! Go Cyclones!

Today's Pinspiration:
At the salon yesterday, there was a great Audrey Hepburn table book. This quote is from that book.

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