Saturday, March 9, 2013

My Favorite Things #2

There are many things I've been loving lately, I thought I'd share a few. To see my previous Favorite Things post (or a photo of me wearing my Snuggie - still one of my top favorites!), click here. All of those things are still my favorites by the way! 

Breakfast shakes
Recipes on this recent post.  I eat them every day and am loving it.

Lip tint/shimmers
Paraben free, all from Target. I wear 'em daily!
My purse holder
It's from Pier 1 and folds up nicely to fit in my purse, and unfolds to nicely keep my purse off the floor as we go out. I get so many compliments/comments on it! 

My new makeup regimen (thanks, mom!)

I love these colors and they're all paraben free! They go in sets of 3 by the way, the top three colors are the the natural smoky look, the middle three are nice and a deeper smoky look and the bottom three are more dramatic. They come in sets for your eye color! My mom got it at Ulta. I love it and alternate which sets I use each day.
Here's my current makeup array - it's all paraben free, and everything but the eye liner is Physicians Formula. I order the foundation and powder online.
I had never used liquid eye liner before, but my mom found this brand at Ulta that is paraben free! It's easy to apply and it doesn't leave smudges below my eye that always frustrated me. I thought it was just my eye - it was the crayon type eye liner I had been using! This stuff is great.
Before: I had two colors of paraben free eye shadow for the past year (and really only liked one of the colors, light pink:

After: included my new smoky eye makeup from my mom - I love having so many options now! 

 Close up for ya - it's surprisingly easy to create the smoky eye effect. 

Our fresh springy decor
After finally packing up our Christmas stuff a few weeks ago (I know... at I least I had taken it down, but still needed to get it out of the living room and packed away), I finally got our living room decor back to normal and am loving the freshness of it. 



I try to soak up each season, but this winter seemed longer and more difficult than most. I welcome Spring! 
An understanding boss on days I don't feel well 
Like yesterday for example, when my migraine was so harsh and sensitive, I wore sunglasses (received many great comments by the way:)) for the half of the day I was at the office (then I went home as it got worse)).

Having the energy to do some baking lately
These are snickerdoodles I made last weekend (recipe here, I made them dairy and gluten free), I've also made ...3... batches of the delicious brownie cups lately - two batches to bring to work and one batch to take to Amber last weekend as we surprised her for her baby shower in Omaha. 

 Attending a baby shower for our nephew, Hank Joshua!
We can officially announce his name and are SO excited to love on this baby boy (due next month!). PS, how cute is Amber's baby bump?! 
Relaxing PJ weekends at home
Nick did our big shopping trip of the month on his own today to let me rest. Seriously, could I have a better hubby? He tops all of my "favorite" lists automatically by the way. 

Today's Pinspiration:
From Instagram, I'm not sure who to give credit for this photo, but is so very true. 

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