Monday, November 12, 2012

My Weekend as Assistant Mommy

Prepare yourself for a picture overload of my cute {boy}friend, Hudson.

You may remember him in his mama's belly here:

Or when I got to meet Hudson as newborn the following weekend:

The weekend before last, Maggie and Hudson made the trip here and I got to enjoy a whole weekend with these two! It was so much fun to have quality time with one of my BFFs since 5th grade and kiss Hudson's cheeks all weekend.
Photos thanks to Instagram (@eatingexploringandenjoying) and my phone

I took this series of photos the first night they were in town.

I think he just wanted me to pick him up so he could cuddle with me. Or maybe he was tired. Or hungry. He seemed to be tired and hungry quite a lot:) 

I like how you can see me in the mirror's reflection getting him to smile:) The things we do to get babies to smile for photos... 

This was one of his favorite "cool guy" poses.

We went to Good Earth (one of my favorites!) to eat dinner that Saturday night after an afternoon of shopping

I love his Elvis face! OMGosh, I think this is too funny:)

Bread, chips, hummus, and baby toys. I saw the reality of mommyhood when Hudson got sad as we waited for our dinner. We decided we just better go since he was tired and/or hungry and probably wouldn't be too satisfied until he could eat and/or sleep. The waitress was less than thrilled when we asked her to make the rest of our order to-go, but the sweet ladies at a table next to us could resonate and said, "You'll be able to eat a full meal eventually" :) it was very sweet. They also asked Maggie and I if we are sisters which was cute. Being a mom is really hard you guys. 

Mag, we've come a long way since 5th grade:) 

He is just so cute and is such a good baby. I couldn't stop kissing those cheeks and saying goofy things in a funny voice to make him smile.

Evidence that there was a baby {and look at those baby thighs - love!} in our living room. He's watching the TV here. 

Back to the part where I try everything to get that smile- OH so much fun. Also notice, he's using the "cool guy" pose again;)

See enough sweet baby faces for one post? I had so much fun hanging out with these two last weekend in a low key but fun weekend. 

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