Sunday, November 4, 2012

Iowa State's 100th Homecoming

Earlier in October, Nick and I saw a tree with beautiful fall leaves (among many - ha!) that had recently dropped big colorful leaves. We decided to stop and pick out the prettiest ones to take home for a fall project. We each gathered leaves of all colors, I pressed them in a book with books on top of it for about a week, and I used them around here for some free fall decor! 

I framed this little cute colorful one (this is a 4x6 frame), and I think this little leaf is my favorite.  

 This photo is from Instagram and is a bit blurry.

Our fallified "welcome" sign. 

We had fun with it and I enjoy having some fall decor around here! Without these leaves, we don't really have any fall decor, so this worked out very nicely! 

 I also posted a few weeks back about my new Stella & Dot earrings - they arrived the following week and sure are pretty! I loved the packaging they came in:)

Last weekend, we were able to make it back to ISU for the homecoming game vs. Baylor. We hadn't been back to an ISU game since we graduated and we'd been trying to find a time to go. This wasn't just a homecoming game, it was Iowa State's 100th homecoming! It was a chilly night game (mid-thirties I believe), but we got to jump out of our seats quite often as we enjoyed a win! 


We had fun taking photos at the game too

We love our ISU!

Me and the Jack Trice sky

It was a great game and fun to see ISU's defense looking strong. 

Good game, guys!

 Here's a beautiful sunset I enjoyed this week too. I'm such a sucker for amazing skyscapes. 

 I was also excited to see Pier 1's holiday catalogue arrive this week:
It's that time of year again: Cheer 1 Imports!

I might do this fragrance as my "holiday" fragrance for my reed diffusers. I used "oceans" from Pier 1 for the summer in all of my diffusers and I want to switch to a holiday one, but this one would nicely last past the holidays too. We'll see! 
I think these peacock/turquoise colors are so much fun!

These just give me the warm and fuzzies...
 So much fun! I love Pier 1's holiday stuff. 

I have some catching up to do with photos of this weekend's fun with Maggie and Hudson's trip here for the weekend too! I love the many fun-packed weekends we've been having, but I get tired too so I've been delayed in my posts lately. We'll get there! I take lots of photos (oh, you know that?;)), so have lots more to share in the coming posts. 

Today's Iowa State Pinspiration:
Have you heard Jack Trice's amazing story? If not, you really should check it out. 

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