Monday, August 20, 2012

Randomness and Fresh Produce

Last weekend, we got to have dinner with a few of my cousins!  Thankfully we could snatch them away from the Mall of America for a little bit :) It's great getting to see these girls while they're in town! 

We're in the same lineup in this photo, taken on their last trip here in February:
Love my cousins!

 Here's Nick and I after dinner at The Galleria. I cut off his head all the time in photos (if he were just my height, we'd be fine haha)

That's better. 

 We've been buying lots of fresh fruits and veggies lately. It's the easy way out when excluding dairy and gluten :) we're just enjoying the freshness of everything! Grapes, peaches and mangoes have been so good!

We also bought two bundles of organic romaine lettuce and got SO much lettuce out of the two bundles. They were just $1.99/lb and stayed fresh in the fridge all week. The boxed mixes we got before usually had some slimy pieces in it and it went bad fairly quickly. This stuff is the ticket!  

 Yum! Fresh crisp salads all week. 

It's been cooler the past few days - fall like really. It's supposed to heat up again tomorrow which is good, I'm not ready to say goodbye to summer yet! 

In other news, I got my hair cut this weekend. I'm so excited about the salon I went to, I just have to share for anyone else in the Twin Cities. This salon Kasia Organic Salon, in Minneapolis. Just check out the website,, it's great! I'll actually look forward to going back to that salon to get my hair cut now. 
Kasia Organic Salon

Here's today's Pinspiration:
the best!!

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