Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Two Date Nights = A Great Weekend

Friday at work, I got a text from Nick asking me if I wanted to go out to dinner. A date night?!? Count me in! I was so excited. Thinking about where to eat was the hard part.
We decided on our of our favorites, Pairings, where I also went for my birthday dinner in January. I had the pear vinaigrette (awesome!) salad and tried their gazpacho (to compare to mine - mine totally wins in my opinion:)), Sanpellegrino which was fun to try and Nick had a burger and fries. We sat outside and it was a great evening for a patio dinner. Love that restaurant. They have more gluten free options but have been helpful finding out the items without dairy for me too.

Saturday morning, we treated ourselves to a burrito breakfast. Mmm!

To make the eggs for these, I just microwave 2 eggs in a bowl for a couple of minutes (I can't remember exactly how long), until there is no more liquid. We had green onions in the fridge left over from another recipe, so used those and added pepper.

Then we added salsa. It tasted great! It needed some kind of sauce as it would have been dry without it. When I've made these before, I added milk to the eggs prior to cooking them and they are more moist that way, just don't add too much or they'll be runny. Nick has also mastered using a small flat bottom round bowl we have and just cooking the eggs until done (not scrambling them though) and we've had ham and egg bagel sandwiches since the egg stays a nice round shape. There are lots of options with the easy eggs.

Unfortunately, most of the day Saturday, I had a bad and very light sensitive migraine. I get frustrated when I want to enjoy my weekends and end up spending so many of them not feeling well. Thankfully after quite a few hours resting in our darkest room, the Excedrin migraine kicked in and it lifted. PTL. 

Saturday night we had plans with friends to eat at Lola's Lakehouse restaurant. I wore one of my new favorite shirts and we were on the road! It takes about 45 minutes to get there from our place but is worth the drive.

My date.

 The great view from the docks right outside the restaurant.

These photos are all with my cell phone which is surprisingly great quality!

 Looking back at the restaurant from the dock.

We also walked around a bit after dinner to check out the cute downtown area. I got coffee and just we walked around and checked out the area. My kind of date night! 

We used a reflective window on a building as a photo op to capture our date night. This is two date nights in a row if you're keeping track here. It made for a really great weekend! We even watched a movie each night! Moneyball (a great one for baseball fans) and The Birds. Both entertaining movies! 

Sunday, I made chicken salad for sandwiches. I broiled the chicken breasts (boiled until no longer pink in the middle), which is my favorite method of cooking chicken for chicken salads now. Then I added mayo, mustard, and honey to make a great honey mustard flavor - I've made it a few times and am still impressed with the flavor. I also threw in the green onions we had. It's a great and easy meal!

Mexican pizza recipe coming soon (this is why we had so many green onions left over by the way!) - this recipe is a keeper.

 Today's Independence Day Pinspiration:

Happy Independence Day, America! 

Who knows exactly what our day has in store. Maybe a beach or pool. Tonight, we've got a BBQ we're attending and I'm bringing red, white and blue themed mini cupcakes. So excited! Hope your day is a great celebration. 

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