Friday, June 29, 2012

A Weekend in Decorah: Part One

We went to Decorah this past weekend for a family friend's wedding and to meet up with Nick's parents while they were in town. Pretty much all of Nick's extended family lives there and we weren't able to get back there for Christmas so it's been a while since we got to see everyone. 

Here's where it is for my non-Iowan friends:)
I enjoyed the show outside my window during the three hour drive from the Twin Cities to Decorah. As usual, I took many photographs of it:) I think the reflection of my camera in this one is fun and very fitting for this trip.  I love to capture these moments. They only happen once in the exact same way.

Fresh open air..      deep breath...        ahhh.... 

Funky picture out the back window as we pass small towns by. 

I love the feeling of fields and sky in every direction around us. Almost like the feeling of being in the middle of the ocean on a cruise ship, only the opposite... 

Nature was very photogenic on Friday. 

 It kept me entertained.

So fresh and clean.

"Let's live here, honey!"     :)

The evolving sunset outside our window 

 I. Love. Sunsets. 

Life in these cute towns seems so dreamy. Just like the romantic Nicholas Sparks books I read through a few summers ago. So simple and quaint. 

Let's swim in the sky.
And travel the land.

Part two of our Decorah trip is up next! I took too many photos of the drive down, so needed a post of those photos alone. I love photos of open land and open sky (obviously! Haha). 

Today's Pinspiration:
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DavidGerber said...

LOVE IT! Such great pictures. Every time I read your blogs I miss you guys!

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